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    engine stumble

    I was on a long trip and the car would stumble every once in a while. I thought it was bad diesel, dirty injectors, all the usual suspects. Turned out to be a bad EGR cooler. Whenever it opened, it leaked, and caused problems. Don't know how applicable this is, but something to check. Michael
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    2006 Jetta black smoke and no power...bad EGR

    Just wanted to post about the bad EGR in my Jetta. Over the last year it was losing power and smoking more. Mileage went down as well. I was told it was probably a boost line leak, but that wasn't the cause. Ended up being a stuck EGR valve. At the end the engine hardly started, would knock...
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    2006 BRM EGR cooler fix

    ... for the first replacement. I'm on the second leaking EGR valve, so is this going to happen every 90,000 miles? If I had gone with the delete for the first one, I wouldn't be out more money now. Michael
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    Real numbers on camshaft and dmf failures?

    Labor should be $1,000 - $1,500, I would guess. As long as you're in there, I'd suggest getting the injectors rebuilt as well. Add $1,000 for parts, and negligible for labor. $3,500 gets you a car that will go for another 100,000 miles or more. Michael
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    06 Jetta TDI timing belt shredded by bolt

    Thought I would post a followup on the repair. Car's back together again, and better than ever. AMC head, rebuilt injectors, new timing belt, new-old crank sprocket. Wait... did you say crank sprocket? Yep, the pump bolt messed it up as well. Not your normal belt breaking here. With the...
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    Sold the 2009 sportwagon bought a Prius

    My latest problem with the pump bolt and broken timing belt set me back about 45,000 miles worth of diesel. If I was driving a non-hybrid gasser, it would take upwards of 150,000 miles of driving to recover the cost. I LOVE my TDI, especially with the new injector tips with 130% of standard...
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    Sold the 2009 sportwagon bought a Prius

    I've been debating with myself if diesel is worth it any more. The price of a new diesel car is comparable to a hybrid, and the mileage is similar. When we bought our 2006 Jetta 5spd diesel fuel cost less than gas. Now with ULSD, its the reverse with gas being cheaper. The big determining...
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    how long do original brakes last?

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned concerning front brake wear is driving conditions. If you have a light foot, and only see rain, the brakes will last longer. If you drive in snow and ice, and constantly get the electronic stability light coming on, your brakes will wear out faster. I was at...
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    15" Rims on a 2006 Jetta TDI?

    There's two sets of brake setups. If you have a standard package car, then 15" rims will work. If you get one of the sportier packages (don't know which one), then the brakes are too big. Michael
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    Skid plate and 'Beef on a Budget'?

    The MKV isn't as bad as the previous models, but it still is fairly exposed. It comes down to where you drive, and how much extra protection you think you need. I just ordered the Evolution Sirious for $288 shipped. My plastic cover is shredded. I've intended to get a skid plate for years...
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    MPG supplement with propane?

    An additional group of people to look at doing propane fumigation are the off-grid small diesel generator users. Engines like the lister(oids) and Changfas can go twice to three times as long between head de-carbing if propane is used. Sometimes its even eliminated. At 2% fumigation, you're...
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    Anybody tow?

    We've towed several trailers with out 2006 Jetta. 13k miles one month with a small teardrop trailer. Normally its the 2000lb capacity trailer loaded with up to 500lbs of stuff. All told, 10's of thousands of miles already. Lowering will make the car eat the inner edges of the rear tires even...
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    06 Jetta TDI timing belt shredded by bolt

    So, there I was, checking the harness chafing, fuel filter, and everything else I could, since the Jetta's engine just stopped running while I was driving. Had a couple of stumbles previously, so the normal issues sounded feasible. Never thought to check the timing belt, since it only had 86k...
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    Bare 2001 TDI engine, how to get it running

    Being around a lot of farm/industrial diesel equipment, I know what you're tallking about with the constant speeds. With the correct ECU and a couple of switched to duplicate the cruise control, it would be doable. The cost of the TDI engine is basically a 300 mile road trip. Its illegal to...
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    Bare 2001 TDI engine, how to get it running

    Well, I found yet another thread: The ALH injection pump should connect directly to the 1Z/AHU ECU with a simple change of the plug(s). If all I need to do is change the plug on the MK3 wiring harness, and mount the sensors, I don't see...
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    16yo Daughter now understands diesel-2000 Beetle?

    I don't have one, but I love the Honda Civic as a comparison vehicle. If she's not going to be driving much, mileage doesn't have as much of an impact over initial purchase price and maintenance. $3k, however, is a good deal if the car's decent. Plan on an immediate $750-$1,250 for a timing...
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    Bare 2001 TDI engine, how to get it running

    I will have a new 2001 TDI engine available for a project at work. I need to make an axillary power unit to pump hydraulic fluid. Since I have the engine, I thought it would be a good choice to use it. I need about 50hp to power the APU. From what I can tell the engine is complete, except...
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    Volkswagen Golf Diesel Is Turning 35 This Year

    Back to Golf diesels... my daily driver is a '84 Rabbit diesel. This winter I'm going to perform surgery on a VW Rabbit pickup and a Rabbit hatch back. I'll end up with a VW Rabbit (Caddy) super cab pickup with good strut towers. Michaele
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    kind of sick of the term "stealership"

    I would say the OP's comments about breaking even sort of proves the point of the name. Why can auto parts stores stay in business, and why can car shops stay in business with lower prices and shop rates? Where does all the money go? I realize the parts places sell aftermarket parts as well...
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    will 15" MkIV jetta wheels fit on my MkV?

    You're in luck. One of the gurus of the forum is in Madison: JasonTDI Michael