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    What't the worst that can happen with a bad throwout bearing?

    exactly the same thing with my 05.5 pd wagon. For about 30k miles. From my experience I was figuring a throw out bearing/unbalanced flywheel. This is my experience with Case farm tractors diesel and regular gas cars...not that clutches and trannies are that much different. I was not sweating...
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    Durability of PD engine

    'nother blood transfusion 160k think I forgot to post 10K mi ago. changed out oil/filters tonight at 160K, after the flange intercooler maylay. up top is cool. Turbo is leaking. Not a lot of oil, big dust ring around it. But recent.:confused: making sounds again when cold otherwise...
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    Durability of PD engine

    just under 146000 mi. changing oil this weekend. same old same all day. no problems thus far... burning 1/4 quart per 4 tanks inlet housing leaking oil no noise from turbo.
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    Bay area folks, where do you take your TDI?

    I had my timing belt/water pump done at 100K last november at this shop. seemed they did a good job. About $1200 for everything.
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    It is June, anyone seen a 2009 Jetta TDI

    maybe 45-48 whatever
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    It is June, anyone seen a 2009 Jetta TDI

    also, i'm pretty sure I get about 48-52 mpg 680-740 miles per 13 gallon tank. plus/minus still really good with torque
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    It is June, anyone seen a 2009 Jetta TDI

    ..and don't tell me I didn't see it. I was typing an email and it right-hand passed me, could barely see it slide by. it sits like a formula car.
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    It is June, anyone seen a 2009 Jetta TDI

    San jose and Sunnyvale, CA dealers say 1.9 TDI sportwagen middle of July. VW north america informed me nothing larger in sportwagen or other models when pressed: said talk to Audi and/or bmw if I want a larger displacement TDI/deisel. Are T5 vans TDIs scheduled for America? If we had the 2.5...
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    Durability of PD engine

    06/10/2008 just rolled 121000 yesterday. check engine light was on for a week after I put a cetane booster from Czech republic in a full tank...ummm yeah treats like 50+ gallons... pretty warm summer weather and motor still pulls like new. Back to Castro 505.01 from dealer. Mann filters...
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    Are TDIs better in the snow?

    I have ESP on my wagon and when I punch it on a sloping curve like an on-ramp when it's wet the ESP tends to make the car want to straight line off the road. Car handles better with ESP off.
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    I want this so bad I could cry...

    how can someone get a drivers license if they can't figure out 50mpg @ $3.69/gal is better than 30mpg @ 3.09/gal?
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    Durability of PD engine

    at 107K now, timing belt done by autowerkstat in san jose. Owner said guts look brand new. Waiting for audi/bmw deisels this year...might trade in.
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    Pd Tdi More Oil Questions

    yeah...the kits used to give you a nice one with the magnetic more. So I got an extractor and leave the bottom end alone. I imagine if I actually would've pulled the plug and had metal fillings attached...Ummmm yeah that would be sort of weird.
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    Requested Castrol 5w40 TXT yet dealer puts in Castrol SLX OE

    so are we developing a picture here that displays dealer knowledge v. european specs? why are we ahead of the dealers? everytime I go to a dealer, everyone is pulling their hair out...
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    Durability of PD engine

    92K here. Scheduling timing belt. Still on Elf 505.01. dual-stage power window switch only works all down/all up on drivers side. free inspection from Bob Lewis VW san jose. brakes still 75% front 90% rear all coolants/fluids spec'd. no problems.
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    Engine is blown - I am mad

    I just can't believe you could lose 1/4" cam lobe on any engine without a serious suspicion that there were major problems. As for the dealer I'm talking about with the wrong oil? I made them type it in their computer under my VIN number that if anything happens, they are my first call...
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    Timing Belt Change

    Well if you have to go through all the bs of lifting the engine out and such, why wouldn't you use the best belts and pull and replace everything while you had access to it? Anytime we changed belts on the farm tractors, we'd do all the belts and any pump within reach because $30 for a water...
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    Audi building V12 TDI Q7

    I'm torn. Sure here in the states, not many will utilize this 12c tdi. on the other hand I kind of like them pushing it as far as it can go. You think I could get one of those 12s in my 88 gli autocrosser? that'd be SWEEEET!
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    Durability of PD engine

    I didn't use any oil at all until after 60K. Is this normal guys?