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    Pocket Full of Miracles: VW Needs Divine Assistance to Hit 1 Million U.S. Sales

    VW Jetta, has stepped on their OWN FOOT. The high cost of maintenance far surpasses the MPG saving's that this vehicle give's. 40K tranny service around $300.00 a wack, dealers charging the moon for filters and fluid's at the dealership, very poor service at most dealerships as reported by our...
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    37,500 miles on 09 Jetta and then....

    Doesn't anyone on this forum WONDER WHY THE FORD, DODGE AND CHEV DIESELS have no issues with the diesel fuel quality??????????????????????????????????? and these new DTI's just can't seem to run on it!!!!!! I think VW is saying poor fuel quality, when there is really other problems.....Just my...
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    06 dsg jetta money pit is gone

    Well my friends, I will miss you. I have enjoyed this forum and the friendships I have found since my 06 jetta purchase last May 09. In my 69 years, I have never had a more undependable vehicle with so many many many faults. It is a terrible and sad thing that VW has done to the customers of...
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    Total DSG Failure

    It is SAD, that a vehicle with just 20,000 miles is experiencing this type of failure.. Just about the same happened to me last January when my wife and I were headed to Texas. At highway speed my tranny dropped into 5th gear, the tach went up, I caught it before it red lined.. grinding noise...
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    Growling Noise from Front Passenger Side

    Same thing happened to my 06,,, auto,,,,, made noise only when turning left.. Service changed out Right Axel Assembly and noise went away,,, total $510.20 partrs and labor (MONEY PIT)
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    DSG "Direct Shift Gearbox" owners data base

    for everyones information. My research did discover a """""DMF RECALL""" July 2006 (Ref No 13C5) for the Golf 2.0TDI. This recall was in Australia!!!!!!! It involved 474 vehicles . There department of infrastructure, Transportation gave me this iniformation.. Hope's this helps someone, it...
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    DSG Auto DMF Failing or Failures Thread

    Hello everyone I have done a little more research and found that there was a vw Recall July 2006 (Ref No 13C5) for the DMF in the Golf 2.0 TDI in Australia. It involved 474 vehicles there. Although this does NOT seem to help us in the USA, this information could help others out of the states.I...
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    2009-2010 theories on HPFP failures + water contam'd diesel

    I have to ask this question... I know from all the threads everyone has pointed to Diesel quality being poor........... What about all the other Diesels running around this country, Cummins, Duramax and Ford?????????????? I have a 2005 Cummins, no issue's it just keeps running the 1995...
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    06 TDI DSG Transmission Failure at 65k?????!!!

    TDICube No I haven't got the extended warranty. I have sent an e mail to all three top officials in VW America's customer service, I have received one letter back with no resolution as it states my warranty is up. I am continueing to investigate the failure and I am attempting to find out what...
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    06 TDI DSG Transmission Failure at 65k?????!!!

    Getting back on TOPIC... The DSG Transmission failure of the Dual Mass Flywheel. I checked NHTSA which is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There are 13 reported documented failures at highway speeds. If you ask why these haven't been addressed in a more agressive manner, I...
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    Volkswagen of America: Full speed ahead with diesel! (Autoblog 1/18/10)

    VW AMERICA, has shoot itself in the foot.... If they over look the owners of the 2005 2006 Jetta's TDI with the DSG transmissions. The failure of the Dual Mast Flywheels in these cars has been documented!!!!! And VW America's failure to step to the plate and take care of this problem is also...
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    DSG "Direct Shift Gearbox" owners data base

    Date - 01-02-10 Name - John H. (yodausa) Year - 2006 Model - Jetta Engine Code - Brm Tran Code - Hxu Date Of Production - Purchased - Used Miles When Purchased - 58,000 Current Mileage - 66,890 Area Of Country - Kansas When I purchsed the vehicle it did have a ""Sound"" or rattleing metal...
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    DSG Auto DMF Failing or Failures Thread

    In just had the failure, My wife and I packed up the 2006 Jetta 66,800 miles. last night. 8am this morning started south on the Kansas Turnpike headed to warm weather in Texas. About 25 miles from Topeka running 70 mph, it suddenly down shifted to 5th gear and the rpm of course went up. I...
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    Hard time starting in the mornings

    I just had the same happen to me, temp here in Kansas 5 degree's. It will crank but not start???? I do think it is related to temp and fuel!! I really can't figure out why VW doesn't put a cheap block heater on this engine, they cost about 30 dollars. My cummins has one and I can be 20...
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    DCOTC Dinner GTG non wrenching ?

    You guys have a great time!!!! We were really looking forward to meeting and visiting however, RV friends showed up from Rio Grande Valley last night, "best laid plans messed up again" take care and have a safe and great time John
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    DCOTC Dinner GTG non wrenching ?

    Hey Andy When are you passing through Topeka on I 70 going east for this BBQ??? Perhaps we will meet each other on the turnpike. Later John
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    DCOTC Dinner GTG non wrenching ?

    My wife and I will try to make the BBQ, looking forward to meeting more TDI folk's and visiting... That is if seniors are still welcome... See you there John and Christa Hogan
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    '09 Jetta TDI Buyer's Remorse

    Hey SmallTown What exactly is really bothering you about the 09??? Is it the deal you made?? monthly payments a little more than you planned on??? or second thoughts about the vehicle??? You know you can have the finance company figure out a longer period of payment to lower those payments to...
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    Topic Thread For Dealerships Pro And Con Service

    Could there be some sort of TOPIC THREAD for just posting POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE experiences at a named dealership. I think it would help if it was constructed in a the proper way, in that a person could look to see how well the local dealership take's care of our members. Need to have it...
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    Speedometer related problem - Please help.

    Richard, I think it was great helping this young lady. You do a lot of good helping those such as myself with our VW problems, perhaps we should set aside a weekend to should our appreciation for all the good you do within this community.. I for one have yet to really get to know you, but I will...