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    ASV (Throttle Body) replace with race pipe ?

    So , what I am saying is I do not necessarily want to "soup up" my exhaust system, but I am quite sure the Cat Convertor is at the end of it's useful life, and most likely is causing a restriction. Up here in the Cold Climate of Canada, our Diesel Cat Convertors take a beating and plug off way...
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    ASV (Throttle Body) replace with race pipe ?

    Hey Otty thanks for the link to those delete parts. Looks reasonable and all, but I already fabbed up everything myself. I am using a gutted ASV as the race pipe from my donor 05 Passat BHW. Cost: $0.00 except for my time. Still dont know what will happen when I delete the ASV though, perhaps...
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    Are there some people from Alberta on this forum :)

    Hello Friends, Darren Kohls here from Medicine Hat. I am a Newbie as far as the TDI Club goes. I am looking for advice as far as deleting the ASV butterfly throttle body on my 05 Passat BHW 5 speed FHN conversion sedan. It has a TD Tuning tune done by the PO who also did the conversion and I see...
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    Looking for BHW exhaust manifold & turbo

    I have an exhaust manifold from my 05 BHW parts and donor car and plenty more parts. I live at Medicine Hat. email me if interested. BTW are you doing a car as a project?
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    Castrol synthetic 5w30 ll03 Vw 504 00 507 00 for TDI?

    if it says somewhere on the lablel VW spec. 507.00 it is the correct oil. If I had a newer CR TDI I would use Amsoil European Formula Improved ESP 5W30, it is a superior choice and is 507.00 rated.
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    ASV (Throttle Body) replace with race pipe ?

    What will happen if I remove the ASV or "throttle body" with a race pipe ? Will it set a code or 2? on my "new" to me 2005 BHW Passat sedan that I recently purchased. My car was converted to a 5 speed FHN by the previous owner(this car was his second Passat BHW FHN manual conversion!!). Thank...