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    ACV nozzles + stage 1 tune?

    Just to clarify, stage 1 tune in my mind means no additional hardware, stage 2 would be a tune for the specific nozzles :)
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    ACV nozzles + stage 1 tune?

    Hello, I'm in the process of TDI swapping my eurovan using a european T4 front clip. I've purchased DLC 1019 Bosio nozzles for it and would love a tune but I haven't found anyone in the US that will tune it or someone in the UK that can send something over, as most of their tunes are flashed...
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    ALH Timing Belt Tools & Mityvac Oil Extractor

    Revised first post.. shipping not included on individual items, only if you buy them together.
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    FS: 2003 Audi TT Quattro TDI – California Certified (CARB Legal)

    Really cool build, maybe I'll see it around sf someday
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    How to tell if I have a DMF or SMF w/o pulling transmission?

    Would you guys mind chiming in on this one? I know the clutch was replaced 40k miles ago due to "letting the wrong person drive the car" NVM - it's a DMF
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    indecsive jetta wagon (2.0 -> vr6 -> tdi)

    I guess I never finished this build thread.. Car ended up being swapped to manual + vnt 17/22 with RC5 and was sold shortly after
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    Bmw 2.4td

    when I did mine I *gasp* marked the old one and transferred it over it to the new belt. IIRC the correct way involves locking own the f/w & pump with a dowel. There is the BMW diesel section of the haynes manual floating around somehere
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    Bmw 2.4td

    I owned 2 324td wagons in belgium, feel free to PM me with any questions. I think i still have a pdf with m21 service stuff in it somewhere too. if I were you i'd order diesel specific parts from the dealer (e28 524td) or maybe a worldpac vendor. glw the swap! still sad you removed an m30...
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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    that's cute :rolleyes: 2011 335d M-sport. Several other BMW and VW diesels before
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    How easy/difficult to get VNT15 on a 1.6L TD ignore the century old bump.. just fixing the dead link with most of the information on this topic.
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    BMW 335d

    I'm finally back in the TDI game after a 5 year absence. Last wednesday I picked up this 2011 335d M-Sport CPO from Leith BMW in Raleigh: I've owned and build some crazy cars (I worked at a performance european car shop for years) but this is bar-none my favorite "daily" car - pulls like a...
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    Big turbo 2012 TDI

    Big turbo 2011 TDI Hey, Has anyone run a big(-ger) turbo on a 2011 Jetta TDI? Thanks!
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    Asheville, NC October GTG

    In case you guys need this give me a shout -2 new sets of vw alh timing bolts -1 set of GTI front spindles (they need new bearings) -turbo oil feed line from an alh/vnt-15 -mint black cloth arm rest with braket /shameless plug
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    Lowered a customer's Jetta Wagon TDI

    A customer of mine was worried that his suspension was worn out and wanted me to test drive his car. During the test drive I felt the sluggish responsiveness from the blown front shocks and even worse the swaying hind end from the blown rear shocks. We discussed several options including...
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    FS: 18" rims and tires

    Hub carries weight, lugs keep wheel tight against hub. Same principal with register-centric 3 piece wheels.
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    FS: 18" rims and tires

    It's 100% necessary as the hub bore of the wheel is supposed to not only center the wheel but also carry the weight of the car, not the lugs. Hubcentric rings are a dime a dozen
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    Car-b-que April 2nd @ my shop in Asheville

    It was a great turnout! 15+ cars