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    How Much Longer Must I Wait for a 2016 Sportwagen.

    I was at the dealer yesterday and they have the new specifications and options for the 2016 Golf sportwagens. Besides the new info center with a .6" (?) larger screen than 2015, there is a neat option on the GPS where you can increase/decrease the size of the map/scroll with your fingers, much...
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    new Turbo & DPF gone -

    Pretty amazing almost 7 weeks in the shop .... VW engineers re-re-looked at it yesterday. No word on results.
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    What is your other diesel?

    Ford F350 7.3 Touareg TDI Passat TDI
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    Clear bra paint protection films, yes or no?

    I have had the "clear bra" done on 4 vehicles. I do the hood, headlights, front bumper, top of rear bumper if applicable, under the door handles, and the door sills (where feet drag and scratch the paint). I definitely use it on my front bumper as there are tons of bugs that get plastered. No...
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    new Turbo & DPF gone -

    It has almost been about 6 weeks. I am not certain I can obtain a complete scan of the vehicle VeeDubTDI but can ask. Does anybody know whether once a turbo (housing) is taken to "bright red glowing" state of the housing whether the inner bearings etc are compromised? I am being told that...
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    new Turbo & DPF gone -

    Update: received word from VWOA that there would be no "consideration" given under these circumstances. More pictures and more testing before any new components are installed. Estimation is that we are looking at another 2 weeks at the dealership. Nobody appears to be able to offer any...
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    new Turbo & DPF gone -

    I agree. I have had several discussions with the service manager and explained I needed him to be my advocate with VWOA. He seemed to understand a buyout of present vehicle and alternate vehicle replacement plus monies was my only interest at this point. No word on engine replacement...
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    new Turbo & DPF gone -

    "What if they offer you a NEW engine instead of a buyout? " : I think if this were a 1972 Camaro that would be acceptable. Since this is a newer, computer/multiple sensor controlled vehicle, that would not be acceptable. My understanding is that it is improbable they will find all the components...
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    Turbo went out

    What caused your turbo to fail? If you install a new turbo, without knowing why the first one failed, it seems to me that you will be traveling down the same path again. I say this because I have had new turbo, DPF, sensors etc installed and the new parts cooked...
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    new Turbo & DPF gone -

    The VW Engineer/Tech is suppose to be there this week verse last week. The dealership is pulling off components like the manifold etc to take pictures and document everything. VW is planning to throw more parts at my car like a new exhaust manifold and other items once they figure out...
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    new Turbo & DPF gone -

    Update: I went back to the dealership yesterday afternoon. The VW "engineer" did not arrive to inspect my vehicle. Maybe he will be there today? The vehicle has not been touched since the failure of the turbo/DPF installed by the dealership. With the service manager, I discussed having VW...
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    new Turbo & DPF gone -

    Mileage: over 100K I had two warning lights go off in my dash. The engine warning and the glow plug light. I also felt a loss of power. I limped it to the VW dealership 2.5 miles away. At Dealership - they replaced a sensor. Then retested and found another sensor bad. They replaced that one...
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    Nav System

    I use Waze regularly and find it pretty helpful. I am always cautious that if I do not see any Waze users ahead of me to post reports, there might be police stationed.
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    2016 Golf Sportwagen

    Any new updates on projected shipping dates for the 2016's?
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    new Turbo & DPF gone -

    I was uncertain where to post this question as the official turbo thread is for notifications. My situation is a 2012 Passat TDI. Engine warning lights on, taken to dealership almost 4 weeks ago. They replaced sensors, (no oil in turbo and spinning correctly) replaced with new turbo...
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    60 mph between 57-62 mpg 74-78 mph+ 44-47 mpg My "life" average reads 39.8 mpg mixed city/highway 119,000 miles
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    TURBO: Please report NMS turbo failures here. [not a discussion thread!]

    Miles on car at failure: 118,900 Build date: 11/11 Corrective actions from dealership: turbo replacement along with sensors Outside air temps at failure: 75 Failure warning signs, if any: loss of power. Lights on dash Warning lights on dash/MFI: yes (two) Problems since replacement: at...