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    Clean Diesel DPF Data Collection Thread

    108ml @ 106000 MemberName: n3216v Model Year: 2009 Model: Jetta Tranny: DSG Miles: 106000 Oil Ash Volume: 108ml Oil Type:Castrol LL03
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    Timing Belt Change Price- 09 Jetta TDI

    I live in north Alabama and I’m nearing time for a timing belt. I was wondering what a fair price was. I checked the local dealership and they wanted $1214. I then checked Hutchinson Automotive in Birmingham and they wanted $1261. I was a bit surprised that Hutchinson is higher than the...
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    Bluetooth Music Aux In Options For 2009 Jetta

    I have a 2009 Jetta TDI with the 6CD Premium 7 Radio with silver buttons (MP3 compatible) with Sirius radio. It has a 9W3 bluetooth adapter, the red instrument cluster display, and a port installed 1K0051510 IPod adapter for Sat radio (pigtail in glove box). I am looking for ways to stream music...
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    Source For VW Replacement Wheel

    Possible repair It is not bent bad. All damage appears to be on the inside lip of the rim. I will check with a local company on straightening.
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    Source For VW Replacement Wheel

    I bent a wheel on my 09 Jetta yesterday. It is a 7 x 17 silver Avignon. The dealer wanted $623 for one! I looked around the internet and nothing really jumped out. I saw one on e-bay, but it had curb rash. I'm looking for one in like new condition. The part number on the wheel is 1K0601025AE...
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    Info on V393 fuel pump

    Thanks of the advice Thanks for the help. I'll get some washers today and give that a try.
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    Info on V393 fuel pump

    I did my 80K service on my 2009 Jetta TDI yesterday. I noticed some wet areas on the hoses coming out the front side of the fuel pump between the filter and the high pressure pump. My Bentley manual refers to it as a V393 pump, but I can not find any other info in the manual. The car runs fine...
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    Sirius Activation $77/yr

    Tried to add $11 Royality Fee I called today to extend my subscription. They started the process and then tried to add an $11 "Music Royalty" fee. I told them no thanks and hung up. Will get by with my IPod & FM.
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    Need Your Thoughts and Prayers for Chris of Langhorne VW

    Take care of yourself Chris Hope you get to feeling better soon. I'll remember you in my prayers. Your Alabama Friend
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    Experience with

    Mirror and Seat Drawers Asymmetrical mirrors and seat drawers for an 09 Jetta. They seem to have the best price (unless shipping is really high). Thanks
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    Experience with

    Looking at placing and order with TM Tuning. What kind of experience have people had with this vendor? Thanks
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    2009 I-pod adapter question

    3 sets of Sat preset buttons There are three sets of preset buttons. It just cycles thru Sat 1, Sat 2, Sat 3...
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    2009 I-pod adapter question

    No Media Button There is no "Media" button on an 09 radio. Any other suggestions?
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    2009 I-pod adapter question

    Is there a way to switch between your I-pod and satellite radio without unplugging your I-pod? I have the glove box version of the I-pod adapter and the standard radio. I could not find anything in the manual to answer my question. It seems sometimes when I get in the car with the I-pod...
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    Humming Noise from speakers 2009 TDI

    Success Adding a ground wire from the Sat reciever directly to the radio ground solved the problem. Apparently was some type of ground loop.
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    Water -meth injection article

    Diesel World magazine put a Snow Performance water-meth injection on a 09 TDI. Link is attached. They claim 19 HP and 41 ft-lb torque increases. Also a 2-3 mpg increase. Comments?
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    Humming Noise from speakers 2009 TDI

    Matt still no fix for me Thought I would keep you up to date on dealer's attempt to solve my problem. They swapped out the head unit for my radio today and it did not help on the hum in the speaker problem. I suspect it is a ground loop issue of some type. The next step is tie the radio and Sat...
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    Humming Noise from speakers 2009 TDI

    I have the same problem! I posted similar question and got no response. They have changed out Sat radio module and it did not improve. They have ordered a new radio, but it has not come in yet. Will post results when it is changed (hopefully this coming week). Please keep me posted on your...
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    Anyone in North Alabama?

    Live in Hartselle, Work in Huntsville I've had an 09 Jetta TDI for about 4 months. Would enjoy a get together.
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    VW recall DSG 09 and 10

    Nissan CVT Warranty My wife's car is an 08 Altima with a CVT transmission. I just read on Autoblog that Nissan is extending the warranty from 5 yr / 60k miles to 10 yr / 120k miles on ALL CVT transmissions. I have not read much on CVT failures, but that is an example of a company standing...