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    New Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-USB Cable

    Don, You are absolutely right! I agree with chazavw though - lets get a picture of this to clear it up.
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    New Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-USB Cable

    Hate to disagree with JSWTDI09, but the Ross Tech page shows the HEX CAN USB working on all VW's and Audis OBDII to present. The KII does NOT work on the newer cars - 2005.5 and up It DOES list for $349
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    FS:Wagon Interior, complete, tan, A3, '95 GLX

    I'm interested! PM me so we can talk Thanks
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    B4 and B4V rust free body parts

    How much for the rear wiper arm, emblem and left hatch lens from the wagon shipped to 08087? Thanks
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    Wow, what just happened to my car?

    I had loss of power for a long time and tried the N75, vacuum hoses and all the other checks recommennded befor eI eventually replaced the MAF. If you read 300 or so on the MAF under all conditions, it is the MAF. You could try cleaning it first as some people have had luck with that. Hope this...
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    Pellets for the house

    Another pellet stove success story - My wife convinced me to buy a Harmon XXV for our 2500 sq ft colonial. It is in the living room, so she wanted it to look nice. Nice reads "pricey" AND I never thought it would pay itself off. WOW was I wrong. The stove is on the first floor and the heat...
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    95 Passat - Parting out whole car

    Jake, I'd like to take a look at the car to see what I can use off it. I live in Tuckerton/Little Egg Harbor. PM me with good times to come over. I need lots of little things and maybe some bigger stuff.
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    Hi, my first post.

    Jeraass How do you pronounce that anyway? Welcome to the club! I'm at exit 59 on the GSP, but work in Piscataway, so by your way all the time. I have Vagcom if needed. Sweet ride.
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    B4 Passat trouble shifting into 5th

    Pharoah, That's the only adjustment I know of. When my adjustment went bad, I adjusted and tightened the nut on the shift cable holder. Shortly after that, I lost fifth gear again. That's when I found the shift cable holder was broken. Don't know if it was originally broken or if I broke it...
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    97 GLX Alloy Rims on 96 B4 TDI?

    Options Todd, Try VW Vortex. They separate the wheel sales by lug spacing. Here's an example of wheels I have on my Passat: I also have a set of Orlandos that look pretty good too: No...
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    B4 Passat trouble shifting into 5th

    Did you get this fixed? If that adjusting nut is loose or the linkage shifted in that area, you may just need to make a little adjustment. Worse case, the whole piece can be cracked, allowing the linkage some slop and hard shift. ALL my local VW dealers had the plastic shift cable holder in...
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    Water pump bolts seemed very tight on last TB change?

    Chris is right about not having to remove the injection pump. I started to do just the water pump front during my last timing belt change, but didn't count the number of bolts in the housing. Stupid me. The prying caused a breakage of the water pump housing. The only problem I ran into was one...
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    Wicked Bummer - '97 B4 wagon seized after one day

    Wally, Any chance a piece of carbon has found it's way into a cylinder and jammed it? With 157K on it, if the intake has not been cleaned, it is a good pooosibility. Could explain a lot of the symptoms without a lack of oil.
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    WTB Leather Shifter boot & Leather parking brake handle cover

    Seth, Try this site for what you are looking for: I bought new boots for my shifter and e-brake - very nice. No affiliation with company, just a recommendation.
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    shifting problems

    dieselherb, Check the linkage at the transmission to see if anything is loose. The top cable bolts to the shifting mechanism and comes loose making it hard to find gears. Another problem could be the plastic piece that connects the upper and lower cables at the same point. I just replaced mine...
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    Cat Fuel Filter System

    Shui, What does the system consist of? What TDI are you trying to put it in? I work for CAT and could be interested.
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    How many times do you see a car like yours?

    N2TOH Where are you driving in NJ? I see one Passat TDI the same as mine 3-4 times a week and lots more newer Jetta and Golf TDI's daily. I travel about 140 miles on the GSP every day. There are also 3 Jetta TDI's in our parking lot at work each day. One is a wagon. There may be a hankering for...
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    Problem with 97 passat.

    Kenneth, Take a look at this thread: . It should have anything you may have questions on answered or direct you to the right place. Do you have a CEL?
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    Biodiesel in Southern NJ/ Philadelphia Area

    John Cusack of Taylor Oil says he keeps a tanker full of B100 in Williamstown NJ and will sell it, pumped into your drum. Give him a call to set up a meeting time - see this: John is very happy to talk to you about...
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    Bio powered furnace? Will it work?

    It definitely works! See this: See here for NJ supplier: . I talked to John Cusack at Taylor Oil last week and he sells a biodiesel/dino mix for home heating oil. PSE&G...