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    How many miles on your passat ?

    8500 on my 2015 SE, picked it up with 6200 a month ago. Had ~56k on my 2013 before the buyback.
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    How much gas in tank at buy back time?

    Turned mine in about 10 miles past zero on the fuel gauge.
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    FS: Scangauge 2 OBDII Reader/Display

    First and final bump.
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    Has anyone returned a stripped TDI yet?

    I stripped mine down really far. Stole two of the black VW wheel inserts and the pulling tool because they work on my GTI.
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    FS: Passat NMS Grill Cover, iPhone Mount, Drain Plugs, Cabin Filter, and Fuel Adapter

    I'm asking $86. It was in the post but not it has disappeared. Black magic around here it seems.
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    EFT Transfer

    Same timeline for my transfer.
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    FS: Passat NMS Grill Cover, iPhone Mount, Drain Plugs, Cabin Filter, and Fuel Adapter

    New CU 2939 Mann Cabin Air Filter: I bought for my NMS Passat: $19.99 Used: TDI Fuel Adapter: $12 Used: Proclip...
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    FS: Scangauge 2 OBDII Reader/Display

    Link to purchase item. Buy it now price is $94.99
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Was the third buyback in the state of Wisconsin. Turned car in at 5:25pm on 11/29/16 and walked out before 5:40. Buyback worker stated it was very helpful having all forms filled out properly and NOT putting the mileage on the odometer sheet until I was at the dealership. Received the EFT...
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    Anyone planning on "ridin dirty" ?

    I cancelled my insurance last week. Put the 11/29/16 date in though so I'm not sure if I'm covered or not. Just going to drive very cautious for the 29 mile trip to the dealer.
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    Runs rough Jerks for 2 minutes, then?

    Mine seems to be getting worse with the colder temps. I think it's time to park it and wait for the buyback. Not willing to gamble and keep driving it.
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    Being Smart with your Buyback money and purchase of next vehicle

    Also look at putting the $20k buyback money towards your mortgage as a lump payment to save a ton of money. Use some total loan calculators to see what works best for you. I could have paid my new GTI off without a loan with my buyback money, but it's about $7,000 cheaper in the long run...
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    TDI Stolen

    perhaps someone needed a cheap HPFP. /s
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    Anybody consider the VW GTI to replace you TDI hatch??

    Went with a 16 GTI myself to replace my TDI Passat. Love the car so far, you just have to be realistic about the fuel economy. I drive about 24 miles each way and am averaging about 34-35 miles per gallon so far. I would have gotten a WRX but with a $4,500 discount on the GTI it would cost me...
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    Runs rough Jerks for 2 minutes, then?

    Mine is the same as yours, but 4th gear instead of third. I typically keep my 3rd gear under 2k rpm's before shifting. This might be why mine is different.
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    Dieselgate and Takata Airbag Recall

    I received the recall notice months ago for the recall on my 2013 Passat TDI.
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    What if the "FIX" results in poor milage/performance?

    Range is the only think I'd be worried about besides overall cost. I'd rather have a vehicle that gets 15mpg for $5,000 than get a vehicle that costs $85,000 and gets 120mpg. To make up the cost difference alone would take almost 500,000 miles at 2.50 per gallon. Obviously some repair dollars...
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    EZ $$$ for buybackers

    Most people have house loans around 3.5-4% and car loans are 2% or less in general. Even after deducting tax deductions you'd still be saving money. In my case I'll be saving $5,000+ and years off my mortgage by paying off the house faster vs paying off the car. I'll also have my...
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    EZ $$$ for buybackers

    Easier way to save more money is to finance the replacement car and put a big lump sum payment on your house.