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    How to: Replacing the Adblue Heater & Temp Sensor Module

    Ok my saga is over thank goodness. Turns out when i put the control module back on the new heater assembly i forgot to put the little tiny washer gasket on the smaller nipple thus it would not create a seal and i got the reductant low pressure p20E8 code. I disassembled and reassembled with...
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    How to: Replacing the Adblue Heater & Temp Sensor Module

    Yeah, same scenario here. After replacing the heater I'm getting the p20e8 code and it says to refill my tank when it's still about half full. Like you said it was really easy for me as well. I re dropped the tank and I don't see anything broken, the connection to the nipple on the control...
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    Has anyone else written to VW customer Care hotline over diesel gate?

    Back to the original story... Let me get this straight, you went to VW, told them you were planning on dumping their Passat, and buying a honda. And them immediately asked for a discount on the 80K service to be performed and you can't figure out why they won't give you that discount...
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    Plans to fade out diesel in favor of electric

    Since teslas don't have nearly the range that diesels do, especially in a cold climates such as mine I think it will be much easier to continue to make diesels "cleaner" than to come up with the next generation of battery to take us any further in the electric energy department. I'll keep my...
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    Extremely odd situation coming from Dieselgate

    Seriously man, i hear you. I bought mine 3 years ago and ever since i've been developing male pattern baldness. Darn Volkswagens.
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    Keyfob died!

    So I finally had it reprogrammed. Took a half hour and cost me 75 bucks......oh well, at least I don't have to use my wife's FOB any more.... Guy said at service I let it get too low and it killed all the memory so change it earlier next time. Advice will be heeded.
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    Keyfob died!

    Come on dude. :)
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    Keyfob died!

    Hi everyone. I have a 2012 VW passat and love the thing to death. About to hit 60K and only had a problem was some exhaust dealie which they fixed under warranty. Problem is i just replaced the batteries in my FOB and low and behold the FOB thing is dead in the water now. Called the dealer...