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    Dutch Auto Parts, gearbox sets, engines, turbos, injection pumps

    I have had to be persistent numerous times with Frans. Stick with it, he may be sick or had an accident.
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    B4 Passat Sedan Part-Out

    I will take the cluster as well, btw.
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    B4 Passat Sedan Part-Out

    Yes, interested in it all. Send me the pics.
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    B4 Passat Sedan Part-Out

    If it has a sunroof, need the trim and light assembly. Do you have the rear cargo cover if a wagon?
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    2002 jetta wagon part out

    So sorry for your loss! :cry: I have the exact same wagon I am installing a new engine into, so will let you know if I need anything inside or a hatch.
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    2003 Jetta Wagon Battery

    As Mozambiquer says, not required on an ALH Jetta
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    2003 Jetta Wagon Battery

    I have been using a H7 AGM from Walmart since September. So far so good.
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    wtb o2m flywheel and clutch

    I used a Sach PD 150 clutch and DMF flywheel kit, that comes with everything and recommend it. If you need the particular kit number can get it for you this evening. Boertje recommended it as well and has worked great. I will mention however there is no TDC mark on the flywheel, so must line it...
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    Buying ALH cylinder heads in Canada - where?

    And most rebuild shops in the USA or Canada do not do a good job of rebuilding tdi heads. I bought one from a member and the shop shaved too much off the bottom, and did a poor job on the valve guides, so the tensioner does not align and the engine has blowby through the oil fill cap. Just...
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    Buying ALH cylinder heads in Canada - where?

    No, but he repairs and ships them there, which is what the OP is asking
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    Buying ALH cylinder heads in Canada - where?

    Contact Franko6 here on
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    B4 TDI in Waldoboro Maine (Revkev), save it from the crusher!

    Ugh, sorry to hear about your friend's car. What is his contact information? Jim
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    FS: Various MKIV ALH parts - VT

    I will take all the 02M items (axle bolts, tranny drain fill seals, axle bolt plates), plus the serpentine belt idler pulley, strut tops, relay 109 set, and MkIV Bentley on DVD.
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    FS: OH: Pop-off engine cover kit

    I will take a set.
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    ALH Timing Belt Change

    Wow, great insight Dogdots, thanks for sharing!
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    B4 and mk4 cleanout

    If the A4 cargo cover is for a wagon, I will take it
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    FS: CTN Trans + Various MK3 Parts

    I will take the turbo inlet pipe and right rear taillight if for a sedan.