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    Burning Oil 2015 TDI

    2015 Passat TDI, Similar mileage, 90 percent highway miles Also burning around the same amount of oil. I'm low about a quart at 7500 miles when I do my oil change. No coolant loss for me.
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    Gen 3 (2015) fix disclosure

    I understand that it's not going to just end it's life after 150,000 miles. But I do Understand the bean counters try to save every amount of money they can usually resulting in cheaper products etc. etc. I drive a lot, to much really that's why I bought my TDI. And I'm keeping it until I run...
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    Gen 3 (2015) fix disclosure Should be same link as posted above
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    Gen 3 (2015) fix disclosure

    Emissions Modification Phase 2 : -that is needed to maintain emissions performance for the full useful life (150,000 miles) of your vehicle. Am I missing something here? Am I reading into it to far? Is VW saying they only expect the ea288 family to last 150,000 miles?
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    AC Not Working

    Well I revived my old thread from months ago. Let me start saying I still love my Passat. I work for an industry who pollutes more in a day than our TDI's pollute in there life. So I don't care about this scandal. Anyways So middle of July comes in Wisconsin and it's warmer than I like, so I use...
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    Easy Coolant Flush

    No I'm not sure they are compatable with our coolant, and does not say which they are good for on the little slip of paper either I've used them pretty accurately before on Chyrsler spec HOAT coolant. Upon further investigation into the coolant question thread I did find my coolant pulled out of...
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    Easy Coolant Flush

    Any suggestions on if this will work on a 15' with the ea288 motor. I just remembered I had some coolant test strips in my garage and decided to test my coolant. Well the results do not look good as per the side of the bottle when you compare the colors it states to service the coolant. I tried...
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    Scan Gauge II XGauge - EGT & Boost

    How about Oil Pressure also?
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    AC Not Working

    Well I finally found time to get my Passat into a local dealer. Seeing I'm in Wisconsin they were very questionable, asking how do you know it won't turn on etc. So I drop it off at 11am very happy with the whole shop experience overall. Got a phone call 4 hrs later saying they had to wait a few...
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    AC Not Working

    I've been trying to read up on what I can find around here and the good old interweb. I wouldn't consider my AC delayed, it's just not kicking in at all. Car is well up to temp. I probably haven't used the AC in the last couple months. It's just Making a constant hissing sound inside the car.
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    AC Not Working

    Well Merry Christmas to me! And to all of you other TDI'ers While on a short trip from WI To TX it got a little warm and muggy so go to turn on the AC and yup nothing happens. No AC, Compresor not kicking in. Luckily this is a very short trip. I love my Passat it had been a very uneventful 18k...
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    how many miles have you racked up on your TDI?

    Just over 15k since new in May 15', and Currently parked in the garage for the great Wisconsin winter months
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    Black Beige 2-Tone - Photos?

    I have the SE model without the fender speakers etc. That all works beautifully Sirius xm etc. No problems with touch screen except finger smudges. If your talking about the Bluetooth connectivity that also works very well I'm not a pro on it tho as I hardly use it unless it's an important call...
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    Black Beige 2-Tone - Photos?

    I have the black and corn silk interior when I get back to my car in the morning I can try and post whatever pics your looking for if no one beats me to it. Also how good of a deal is it I picked mine up not to long ago from Inver Grove VW.
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    Condensation in Headlamp

    Noticed today while washing that there is condensation in the drivers side headlamp. I believe I read it has been a problem on these models but could not find any threads concerning it with the NMS. Has anyone experienced this? What has dealer said if you have. And besides pulling out the bulbs...
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    What is your other diesel?

    2005 Jeep Liberty CRD
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    2015 Passat SE 6 speed pricing

    23,500 out the door, Candy White, SE row your own, Cornsilk Beige & Black interior MSPR- 28,850