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    VW Virgin no longer!

    Remember to look up the break in procedures and don't worry about mpg's at first my JSW started at around 35 an is now up to 38. With 5k on the clock. U also do alot of spirited driving and a lot of hills here in central PA.
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    2011 TDI DSG Mileage

    The three month check up is just a check up top off any fluids quick once over. More of a courtesy than a service.
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    New tdi, <2k miles, dealer lies.

    Leroyal, it's the other way around iirc
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    2011 TDI DSG Mileage

    5200 miles lifetime is ~37~ last tank was 41 this tank MFD is showing 42.1 but it's usually around .5 mpg less than MFD. Give it time it will come up.
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    Damm it!!!

    I got it once I read it in a different order. Lol'ing
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    Porsche Panamera Diesel

    Well I remember the no diesel thing to that is the fastest I've ever seen a car go from concept to production unless they were throwing everyone off by that statement.
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    TDI Virgin!

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    TDI Virgin!

    And by the way welcome and read read read lots of good info here
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    TDI Virgin! Second post sums up break in pretty well seems hard at first but you get used to it. Remember the turbo needs exercise to keep the vanes clean and don't worry alot about fuel economy for the first 10k or so it will improve as the engine breaks in.
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    Is here any chance that exhaust manifold/turbo heat wrap can increase MPG's?

    Not sure about mpg gains but race cars have used turbo heat wrap for years. Something about hot air flows faster and less back pressure. And truckers also use it but like the previous post said excess heat can be bad for your muffler and the fuel tank is right there. You could try it and find...
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    Can you name the driver in this picture?

    The only google I used was for spelling
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    Can you name the driver in this picture?

    Was he the one that wrecked??
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    Can you name the driver in this picture?

    It was a guess oh well trivia never was my strong suit.
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    Can you name the driver in this picture?

    Benoit Treluyer? Lemans 2011??
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    NHTSA investigates 2011 VW Jetta TDI for fuel leaks

    Are the cylinders #rd left to right or right to left?
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    Urea in 2012 Passat

    DEF is also available at most big name truck stops. Between 7-10$ a gallon IIRC.
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    Marine Application

    The only diesel boats I have been on where mini yachts and sucked some fuel down cruising at around 35 knots
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    What other fuels burn in diesel?

    Sorry I misspoke I blame it on the cold ones. That's my story and I'm sticking to it
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    What other fuels burn in diesel?

    Most military vehicles run jp8, a variant of diesel. Loved the deuce that thing would go anywhere you asked it they just burnt oil like it was feul that was a strange engine. It was claimed to be able to run on anything flammable but never saw it personally. And yes tanks arefun to drive and...
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    Leaky rear washer nozzle?

    I took mine in for a window regulator and on the service invoice it said they also replaced the rear washer. Might have fixed it before I noticed it.