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    timing belt change issues

    I have a 98 jetta AHU I have changed 3 timing belts using the instructions from this site and the kit from dieselgeek without an issue. I tried last night with just a belt because I had the belt ( 028-109-119-p) I'm kinda broke and didnt want to wait for the kit and after 6 hours I found the...
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    MN Chat Thread

    Sorry I couldn't get to the GTG. Had a reservation at a place with a pool for my sons birthday. had a great time. I managed to do the rear struts and springs by my self in the cold the week earlier. Front springs get here tomorrow so I will be freezing this weekend too. I have a 98 jetta tdi and...
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    dead battery after tb change

    I changed the timing belt in my car(1998 jetta). once done ( it seemed to go way too smooth) I started it a few times before putting the acc belts back on and hooked up my vag-com and set the injection timing. I started it again and it just clicked. I tried cleaning the connections but they...
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    engine revs on cold start

    I hooked up the vag com again and pulled the codes and it did throw a n109 error. His cel light must be burned out. He is going to reseat the o ring this weekend.
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    engine revs on cold start

    A friend has a 98 jetta tdi and for about the last 6 months his engine revs on cold starts (+ 30 minutes after shutdown) and puffs out a big black cloud. Is it possible he has an injector leaking down? He has never had the timing belt changed and vag com showed it at the below limits. I advanced...
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    need help car stalled and only restarted after holding to the floor

    Thanks, I forget that it is more of a fly by wire with the ecu. Well I pulled the intake and it looks just like it did after I cleaned it last year. I have modified egr system to not open as often and use an oil catch tank in between the valve cover breather and the intake. I drained water and...
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    Help! No start!

    I believe the filter went dry due to the fuel tee being open and it sucked air in instead of pulling fuel from the tank. I do need to remember that when I change my injectors next month
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    need help car stalled and only restarted after holding to the floor

    addionally no error codes were in the computer and timing looked exactly where I left it last time I set it.
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    need help car stalled and only restarted after holding to the floor

    I was idling in traffic with the air on (90+ 80% humidity) and noticed it running rough. The idle never really moves from around 900 but it was dropping down to below 800 then back up. I gave it fuel to try and see it was fowling out but it died as soon as I touched the pedal. It would not...
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    Not MAF now Intake?

    Re: MAF question Just a follow up. I cleaned out the intake and cylinder head and it runs like a new car. I ran the same vag-com log and it stays even with the airflow it is supposed to have. The intake was fairly clean but the elbow in the intake was almost plugged and the intakes on the...
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    confusion in the engine bay

    I had to adjust the injector timing a little yesterday and noticed that the sticker on the upper timing belt cover says AHU on it. The trunk sticker says 1Z. The vag-com says 1Z. I pulled my intake to clean it out and I look down and see a triple k on the turbo. Is this a good indication the...
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    Not MAF now Intake?

    Re: MAF question My boost stays steady just shy of 1 bar. I have not tried unplugging the maf again and running it again. At lower speeds and around town the expected and actual are within a couple percent of each other. It is only at higher rpm and full throttle that the problem is occuring. I...
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    Oil? in the intercooler pipe...this bad or normal?

    Is your CCV still in place? That dumps in before the turbo so it would pass through the whole system.
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    Not MAF now Intake?

    Re: MAF question I did and it looked bad (1/4 inch) around the EGR and ok a little further in. I must be wrong about the further in part. I made the EGR mod and installed a Greddy oil catch can between the CCV and the intake. I am ready to clean the intake and see how it goes. My top chart...
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    Not MAF now Intake?

    Re: MAF question I just got back from a little 100 mile round trip to the dealer to pick up the new MAF. I installed it in the parking lot next to a Phaeton. I on the drive home it felt no different. I did another 3rd gear pull from 20 mph and it looks the same. Is there something I need to do...
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    Not MAF now Intake?

    Re: MAF question I was in 3rd gear at 100% for all runs. I pulled the intercooler pipes this morning. It is crusty around the EGR valve. I looked in as far as I could and it is only greasy no grunge. I should have noticed where once the MAF reaches 2M mg/minute it only bounced around 5%.
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    Not MAF now Intake?

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    Not MAF now Intake?

    I just bought my 1st TDI a month ago. It has felt like it loses power around 3000. I installed a boost gauge about 2 weeks ago and boost shows around 14 psi up to 4500. I pulled the intake hose and there was about 1/4" of gunk before and around the EGR but I could not see any further. I bought a...
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    Update -- St. Paul, Minnesota premium diesel

    Anyone north on Hwy 65 can use federated coop on hwy 95 in Cambridge for Cenex Roadmaster XL
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    Has anyone installed the vento projector lights?

    I found a link to and they list some vento projector lights for sale. Has anyone installed these and what are their thoughts and hopefully a picture. My lenses are fairly well sandblasted and a replacement will be soon. Thanks