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    For Sale Spare Parts

    Would you happen to to still have the 11mm pump for sale? Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    WTB Holset

    I am looking for either a Holset HE221, or a Holset HX30 turbo. If you would happen to have one for sale, please let me know. You can PM me, or send me an e-mail at Thanks for reading. :D
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    1983 rabbit 4dr tdi for sale 1,550

    Have any pictures you can send ? :confused:
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    First winter running Biodiesel

    No smoke at all with the kerosene. I find that even though Kerosene is more expensive the Dino Diesel, you have to mix LESS Kerosene with the Bio in order to get the same Gell point. So instead of having to mix 40% Kerosene with my Bio, I would have to mix like 70% Dino Diesel with my Bio to...
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    VW Jetta Roof Needs a Paint Job

    Do NOT use spray paint, you will not be happy at all. Have you tried buffing it out ? If not, try that 1st. Then you will want to have some one good do the painting. You will want to completely wash the car to get all "junk" off, then wipe down the roof with a professional wax and greace...
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    First winter running Biodiesel

    I have been making, and running my Bio for 7 years now. In the coldest of days here in Michigan, I run a 60% Bio, and 40% Kero mixture, and that brings me down to -20F I will run this most of the winter, due to the fact that I HATE having to walk in cold weather if my fuel freezes up. (Don't ask...
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    05 liberty CRD -springfield MO

    I would love to have it, but it is out of my range. Good luck.
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    Camshaft wear blamed on biodiesel

    Dealer doesn't have any idea what they are talking about. My Jetta has 300,000 on the clock, and has been running BIO for the last 120,000, and nothing wrong. They just want to find something to blame it on since they don't have a clue what they are doing.
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    growning noise when starting cold

    Same here, has been doing it for about a year. You can take out the starter, clean up all the junk on the shaft, lube it and put it back in if you would like. I figure that mine is 11 years old now, so I will just replace it soon. Good Luck !!
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    Grand Cherokee CRD Question

    My wife and I have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with the Mercedes diesel in it. We have only had it for about 3 thousand miles, but so far we LOVE it. It has great power, and an excellent ride. We are averaging 22 mpg with it, which isn't too bad for a full time 4x4. I wouldn't hesitate...
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    Running more BIO%!!!!!

    With mine, in the winter months, I run 60% Bio to 40% Kero. , and that gets me down to -2 F. That is what I run all winter here. Then in the summer months, the Bio content goes WAY up. Good luck.
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    Possible Jeep GC CRD

    My wife and I have a 2007 Cherokee Overland with the 3.0L Mercedes Diesel. We have not had it very long, but so far we LOVE it. It has a great amount of torque. Can't really talk much about it other than that, we have only had it for 3 weeks. Good luck, and BUY it !!!!
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    Block Heater

    I have the Frost Heater on both of my TDI's. I really love the unit, it works GREAT. The only problem that I have had, is that I have had to replace the plug on both of them after 3 years. The cord where it goes into the back of the plug shorted out right there on both of them. Why, I don't...
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    Does ambient temperature affect pumping of Biodiesel?

    I wish it was 55 degrees here in Michigan. I would love that. That temp. is NOT a problem for Bio, unless it is made out of animal fats. Keep pumping it in. I usually start mixing my bio here in Michigan at about 35 or so, that way I won't have to WALK. Good luck.
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    TDIClub Secret Society of Benz Owners (SSBO)

    I have a 2007 Jeep Cherokee Overland, with a Mercedes Diesel in it, does that count ? Love that SUV.
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    TDIClub Secret Society of Benz Owners (SSBO)

    I will be bringing home next week, my "new" 2007 Jeep Cherokee Overland, with the 3.0L Mercedes Diesel in it. Will post a picture when I get her home. The reason I say "her" is because it is my Wifes daily driver.
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    Making bio in the winter!!!

    Paul, You have to have a place to make your Bio so that it won't freeze. My Bio workshop is heated. I keep it around 65 degrees F. If it isn't warm enough, your Bio will freeze. Good luck on making your fuel.
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    block heater frayed - which wires?

    I had to replace mine once also. The green wire goes on the ground of the plug, and the two black ones go one either side of the two prongs. Only one side of every plug is hot. If they were both hot, it would be 220V. Don't worry, you can't hook up to two black ones wrong. Good luck.