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    VCDS, VAG TACHO,ALH short block and misc parts

    I never even looked at this ad after posting, infact I forgot all about it. My point in posting to begin with in which I guess Hitl*r of the TDI club did not like is although the OP did not want to separate, look what he is willing to do now. Simple enough if it is not your ad don't worry about...
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    VCDS, VAG TACHO,ALH short block and misc parts

    How about you not worry about what I post. Is this your ad? No!! Some people put will not sell individually when in actuality they will if they are having a hard time selling.
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    ALH Cylinder Head Complete - $350

    Paid through paypal. Thank you
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    ALH Cylinder Head Complete - $350

    No issues at all like bad valve seals? If not I will take it.
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    parting ALH engine out of an automatic

    400.00 shipped for the head? Can you send me some pics. 937-527-8142.
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    parting ALH engine out of an automatic

    Do you have a good useable ALH head ?
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    VCDS, VAG TACHO,ALH short block and misc parts

    How much for the ALH head with cam and lifters, assuming it is a good useable head shipped to 45107? Thanks.
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    I wish people would actually do this. I prefer to buy local due to too many theifs out there anymore. Your location does not show up on the post on the main page, we have to open the post to see it, so people like me with slow satellite internet it wastes a few minutes to find out the part is in...
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    ALH short block and misc parts

    How much for the good ALH head shipped to 45107?
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    3rd Annual Growler GTG 6/14/14

    On our way. Be there a little after 12.
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    3rd Annual Growler GTG 6/14/14

    Going to try to make it, would've love to have been able to get a tune but my car is a 99.5 and the ecu needs socketed, so a tune some other time. :rolleyes: I just found out about the G2G today from Paramedick while he was doing my T-Belt.
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    Skunkwerx Performance TDI Performance, Repair, Service and Malone Tuning

    How much for parts and labor to do the t belt with a metal impeller water pump on a 99.5 Jetta?
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    ALH engine parts for sale

    How much for the block, a crank, and rods and pistons picked up?
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    A safe buy? Which MY to get...?

    I am kinda new to the game also, but back when I was lookingto buy a TDI, my friends who own TDI's steered me towards the ALH, 99.5-03 manual shift only. Now I own 2.
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    Bosch Icon windshield wipers help

    I have Bosch Icon's on all of my vehicles and they outlast all the others I tried and they work great, best I have ever tried. The ones on my truck have been on it for a couple years and still work like new. Others I tried last a few months and leave lines where they tend to crack. I don't...
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    Operation of the ASV during a runaway? (ALH)

    Andy, my smoke is whitish with a faint blue tint, I have not added any oil because I only drive it a short distance and maybe put 100 miles on it since the problem. I have not done a compression test yet due to not getting a tester yet. I tried to rent one from the auto stores and none of them...
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    Operation of the ASV during a runaway? (ALH)

    It was not my turbo or at least it does not seem to be. The turbo has no abnormal shaft play and spins freely. My CCV was pulling in the oil. I have since vented it to the atmosphere. My car is still running fine, no odd noises and runs smooth as before, but it is getting a new set of rods and...
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    Operation of the ASV during a runaway? (ALH)

    All I can say is it had to have stopped my runaway, I did nothing else to stop the motor other than turn the key off. I noticed my car running away when I was shifting gears, I was out testing my new VNT actuator when this happened, when it ran away all I did was shut my key off, then push in...
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    Anyone heard of these Con. Rods or site??

    I believe they are, the other rods someone put on here from eBay look exactly the same.