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    Who have more than 250,000 miles on 06 jetta tdi?

    Mine just traded w/258K, a cam 45kK ago, most else original.
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    2006 jetta tdi auto. Ultra high mileage!

    Great job, just traded mine w/ 258K, similar experiences to yours. Limiting cold starts per mile really is key!
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    Goodbye, my TDI.

    It really was a great car for me, but I generally drive 150-250 miles a day, and the car only starts cold once a day. I think that's why I got the life out of the camshaft. The DSG has been flawless, the flywheel started rattling at 80,000 miles but never got worse, so what the heck. Likely...
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    Goodbye, my TDI.

    Company car (my company), and it needs tires, a control arm bushing, timing belt in a few months with me driving, paint starting to wear off the nose, windshield fogged with chips-the controller says with everything else including new vehicle depreciation, it is time. If it were my personal...
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    Goodbye, my TDI.

    Today, I am trading in my 05.5 TDI after 258,000 miles. What a great car. Still with original battery, starter, suspension. New cam and lifters 40,000 miles ago, new alternator this summer when the pulley came off, otherwise just maintenance. I haven't changed the DSG fluid in 118,000 miles...
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    2006 Jetta TDI with 74K, seeking advice to keep or not keep?

    I turned 250,000 miles on mine yesterday. Don't be lulled into the "security" of buying a new car to avoid maintenance on your old one, it is an illusion. I disagree with the notion that you must do all the work on your car. most folks on this board go overboard on their cars-not a bad thing...
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    200,000 miles?

    My 05.5 TDI will turn 250,000 this week. My only non-routine service was a cam and lifters at 208,000, cost $1400 installed. Fuel mileage is consistent at 43-48 mpg. Oil changes at 10,000 miles. The last DSG fluid change was at 140,000, so all the folks who worry about going over the 40,000...
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    Break-in Period

    3 camshaft replacements instead of 7.
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    Break-in Period

    Do yourself a favor-run it per the manual. Your car will last a LOT longer.
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    Got the TDI! Now what to do first?

    Well, THEY don't know it wasn't changed, do they? If the price is too much to have it done now, get the timing belt specifically covered, in writing, by the insurance company. I bet the car will go the 35-45K miles without a problem, even if it is the original belt.
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    At the dealer waiting for a decision on my worn camshaft

    I don't know, this is the most reliable car I've owned, cheap to run, too. I'm very glad I didn't find this forum before I bought.
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    Tdi dsg?

    230,000+ miles on my DSG, no problems at all, last fluid change was at 140,000.
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    Got the TDI! Now what to do first?

    The oil in a diesel turns black within a few seconds of running, it seems.
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    On the fence with TDI buy

    If the window is not auto-opening or closing, it needs to be reset. Get the window all the way up, then hold the switch in the up position for a few seconds. That should do it. My memory seat is in my head!
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    On the fence with TDI buy

    Good Going! With your commute, it should be a great car. I'm over the 230K miles mark now, I haven't changed the DSG fluid since 140,000 miles. Runs great, shifts perfectly. Even with a cam at every 200,000 miles the running costs are pretty reasonable, especially if it gets done at timing...
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    BRM--Coming up on 100000m.

    I love my car. 228,758 miles as of today. Original flywheel. New cam a few months ago. If I have to do a cam every 200,000 miles, it is worth it. Still uses no oil at all, still gets mid 40's for MPG.
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    Identify Noise

    It would have to be pretty loud to be worth changing it...
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    Brm Jetta Funny noise under load, p0101

    A cam and lifter replacement should be like $1200-1500 if a shop does it. That's what it cost me. Those "diagnostics" take you most of the way to the job. That dealer price quote is absurd. Don't even get a coffee there.
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    Annoyed with lack of lamp information

    How different are the '09s? My Jetta has the easiest bulb replacement ever, front and rear. I can't imagine it being a problem for anybody.
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    tdi not warming up

    When we had a stretch of sub-zero (F) weather, I could drive my Jetta to the ski area (27 miles away) and it never warmed up. Heat worked well, though. Fuel economy was terrible. This is why I think folk who live in cold weather areas and drive less than 40 miles a day are better served with...