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    Who sells the best diesel in New England?

    Hi Indigo Blue Wagon, how are you? it's your customeer Pete o/o of Pete's Auto Repair & Detail i noticed you upgraded to a 2015 gsw,how are you liking it? and what options do you have in comparison to my option loaded gsw sel tdi with the bi-xenon lighting package. I hope you and your employees...
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    Who sells the best diesel in New England?

    I go fill up where the semi's get fuel, guaranteed high fuel turnover and i've never had a fuel system issue, i also add optilube xpd and the lubricant additive every tankfull, i drive a 2015 Golf Sportwagen with the sel package which includes the xenon lighting package
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    Question for Golf/Golf Sportwagen Sel Trim Owners

    What i've noticed from my own experience disabling the nar restriction and enabling ece coding has allowed my headlights to have more height above 30 mph, the headlights have more bend functionality in tight turns and corners, the light output is significantly better to where i rarely have to...
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    headlight adjustment

    Headlight Adustment I own a 2015 mk7 with the lighting package, i recently had my afs bi-xenon headlight assemblies replaced under warranty because the two trim rings fell off inside of the housing from the car sitting in the sun baking,and the afs motors were not functioning properly due to...
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    Question for Golf/Golf Sportwagen Sel Trim Owners

    How many fellow tdi members here have a Golf/Golf Sportwagen in Sel trim with the bi-xenon lighting package? I am curious to know if anyone has used vcds to change from nar region to ece coding, i have replacement warranty bi-xenon headlight assemblies. Since the headlight assemblies were being...
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    Fuel mileage / distance per tank question

    About a month ago i purchased a one owner,vw certified pre owned 2012 Volkswagen Sportwagen Tdi for myself & my mother, we share the car. She drives a school bus and travels 100 miles a day and it evens out to a 50% city & highway mix, we are averaging about 580 miles per tank and we fill up at...
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    2012 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen Tdi Oe Battery Part No & Info

    Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen, New poster here , have read this site a long time, i bought a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon Tdi and it has a triple a lead acid group 48 battery in it that was installed already when i purchased it, and from my research, the oe part number leads me to believe it...