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    Cleaner for engine compartment

    I've used Simple Green Pro HD. That is the purple one that is aluminum safe. It works good, but don't expect to just spray it and forget it. You have to scrub with a brush if you want to get it show room clean. It is pretty gentle though so I think its a good way to go.
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    Lower radiator hose A4 BEW Auto

    Take a look at this diagram: It appears to be 1J0122051AN. ECSTuning has a picture...
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    Gathering all the tools needed to refresh under the car...

    Look for "boot clamp pliers". I have the Lisle 30800 and they worked good for me. There are also a horizontal versions (Lisle 30600) which may or may not be easier.
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    What could happen if my torsion value is not set correctly?

    No, the ALH and BEW MAF's are different. The BEW one costs more too.
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    Gathering all the tools needed to refresh under the car...

    Had to dig it up the thread but here are the tie rod tools I used also from the Autozone loaner program: post #6
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    Gathering all the tools needed to refresh under the car...

    You can rent the caliper tool for free at Autzone ($60 deposit, full refund when done): link. But I just saw this clone on amazon the other day: link. There's a bunch of other equally cheap clones in the "Customers Also Viewed" section. For $15, I was considering buying it but I'll wait until...
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    Write Off?

    Put a new pan on and cancel the insurance claim. Job probably costs less than your deductible anyway.
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    Front rotors warped after 10,000 miles

    Unless they were warped right out of the box, it is not the parts fault. Metallurgy isnt really a factor here either. It's already been said but the biggest key is to make sure the hubs and wheels are clean/rust free, and second to lube all the brake components properly. Check for runout with a...
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    09A transmission pan

    When I resealed the pan barely anything came out of the pan cavity, less than a liter. But I did a drain & fill also and the total fill was a bit over 3 liters (4x 1-liter containers used total.) If you are doing the pan only, you should have plenty, but if you want to also drain it I would say...
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    Stuck Crankshaft??

    So it cranked before and now its seized after sitting a year? Maybe its rusted up.
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    What could happen if my torsion value is not set correctly?

    Mgoff5000 is suggesting that you watch that torsion value in engine block 4 column 4 (the same one you read the 0.0 value from) while driving or revving the engine. The value sometimes changes slightly (0.5 degree) with rpm. If it changes from 0 to 0.5 or -0.5, it means your belt is timed...
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    2 seized water pumps

    Thanks Jim, I didn't even realize warranty would come into play on this sort of thing. Small sample size, but I've used two of your kits with the HEPU pumps and no issues making it to 100k each time.
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    What could happen if my torsion value is not set correctly?

    If its 0.0 even after making adjustments to the sprocket, you are significantly out of time mechanically. Definitely put the crank/cam lock pins back in and recheck. However, 0.0 can also be a valid reading -- that's what mine is set to. I know it's legit because the computer will show 0.0 or...
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    Baffled & Bewildered - need some help - '04 BEW

    I believe the pointer should be to the left of the hole as mentioned here, and in the factory repair manual: The tool I have looks like this so its completly different: My...
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    Baffled & Bewildered - need some help - '04 BEW

    If the pin goes into the cam sprocket while the crank lock is on, timing is mechanically correct regardless of where the sprocket window is. I am not too sure about which crank lock to use, as I have the one from Metalnerd designed for BEW engines. Another option would be to check cam crank...
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    Baffled & Bewildered - need some help - '04 BEW

    Any codes? Did you check if there is a fuel delivery problem? Bad lift pump in the tank or old fuel filter possibly?
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    Unintended Acceleration?

    Oil in the intake/intercooler is normal but excessive oil (>200mL) could be a sign of turbo failure. Its normal for there to be 100-150mL of oil pooled up there. If the owner never gave it the beans, it could've led to a runaway (unintended acceleration) when that oil was eventually sucked into...
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    2005 Golf BEW - Cam, injector and head concern

    Just to add, here is a video showing the job: And here is the kit from IDParts: link to give you an idea of what parts you normally need. This job should be under $2000 with labor if you take it to an independent mechanic. You don't have to remove the...
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    Another k1 short to ground...please guide me

    The K1 should be a high impedance signal, so it should not provide enough power (or ground) to make a test light light up bright. Although it might glow very dimly. - With test light connected from battery to K line: if it lights, K line is providing a hard short to ground - With test light...
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    Another k1 short to ground...please guide me

    Also did you double check all your fuses are good? I've seen that mentioned in a few posts about this.