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    1997 Passat Tdi

    Well, there is a slight difference between "your" 210 bhp/285 Nm 1.8t and a standard (150 bhp/210 Nm) 1.8t..... 60bhp/75Nm makes a difference in performance. I didn`t say I outran the 1.8t, but I kept up with it. Good luck with the "Pumpe-Duse"! Post pictures when you are ready with it, and...
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    1997 Passat Tdi

    Norwegian 110HP Tdi which I`ve traded up to from a Passat 1,6 100HP about a month ago. Upgraded with Powerbox from Chiptronic (runs about 140HP and 285NM), Eibach lowering springs and 17" Rims with 225/45 Falken tires. I`ve tested the car against the 1.8t, and the t DOES NOT beat me! It`s...
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    TDI Powerbox - glow plug light flash?

    Have just installed and adjusted a Powerbox on my Passat 110 Tdi. On the box there is 3 adj. points which are very similar to the ones i have read about her before. But, when the engine is cold, and I start it, the glow plug light starts flashing, and the errorsystem registers an error on the...