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    A question for our Chemists and PetroChemical experts

    Take a stroll down the tobasco sauce isle at your grocer, the cost is minimal. Also look at bottles for olives and such. You might also find something you would like to consume!
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    How to get additives past the fuel filler guard flap

    Lots of ideas here:
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    Biodiesel Report - B20 and Your VW's Warranty

    It's much more complicated than that:
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    Pre-packaged biodiesel & Cetane boost additive?

    Very disappointing, as it seemed to be a good product. Do you think Schaeffer's Soyshield is a good alternative?
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    Pre-packaged biodiesel & Cetane boost additive?
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    Wynn's Diesel Power 3

    Not sure of the significance of this, but according to the MSDS, it's 75% kerosine.
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    HELP chose next car to MOD!

    The Evolve tune gives about the same power. Both tunes also produce torque that approaches the published limit of the transmission, which is 520 lb/ft.
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    HELP chose next car to MOD!

    True DDM tunes are offered by Renntech out of Florida and Evolve through their dealer in Chicago, VS Motorsports. Keep in mind that you'll have to pull the DDM and send it to either tuner for them to install the tunes. Both can turn around the computer fairy quickly. Tuning via OBD is not...
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    Should I Avoid BioDiesel in my 2003 TDI?

    Here's a reference to a VW study on bio, although I'm not sure if your 2003 has a DPF:
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    Diesels Join Hybrids Showing Stronger Growth In US Sales

    I'm very skeptical of that growth figure for one simple reason: Prius sales. Prius sales were artificially depressed last year, due to low supply from Japan because of the earthquake/tsunami. Sales have rebounded with supply this year, but the growth rates being quoted are due to comparing...
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    Saskatchewan Members

    Hey guys, I apologize in advance for breaking into your forum, but I have a question on a local supplier, hope someone can help. Is anyone familiar with this company: They manufacture biodiesel from canola, and offer a diesel additive. I've been trying to find a...
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    So why does VW say you cant use biodiesel in concentrations greater than B5?

    OP, this article references a study done by VW concerning biodiesel, it should answer your questions:
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    Very handy fuel additive dispenser/container idea

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    Opti-Lube XPD (Fuel Additive)

    Commercial fuel is all over the place wrt lubricity. See:
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    VOA Fuchs Titan GT1 Longlife 5w-30 VW 507.00

    Understood. I was simply asking about the oil represented by Fuchs as being "Zinc free".
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    VOA Fuchs Titan GT1 Longlife 5w-30 VW 507.00

    This Fuchs oil is labeled 'zinc free': Is this one of those marketing situations in which 'zinc free' actually means very low levels of zinc?
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    BP Diesel Lubricity

    Mac, I'd appreciate that contact info too, if you don't mind. Here's the web page that describes what Ecoclean is about: Sounds like they have a range of diesel products, but not sure how many are available at the retail level.
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    40k-Should I replace my blinker fluids

    My local Pep Boys ran a sale on VW spec blinker fluid, Mobil 1 to be specific. I went in last Saturday morning and bought their entire stock for my stash.
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    Do We Want More Diesels?

    No. He got it right the first time.
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    plastic water bottles OK for diesel kleen and other additives?

    Lots of ideas in this thread: