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    TDI starting problem - getting desperate

    Hello UK, Yes, I meant the ignition switch. I wrote you because I had the same problem this year - the engine started for a few seconds, then died. I went to a garage and they started looking for what's worse, in the engine. Finally, they found out it was only that stupid ignition switch. Of...
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    TDI starting problem - getting desperate

    First of all, let me tell you that the fact that your glow plugs light didn't ever turn on doesn't mean it shouldn't. You may have, like most owners of B4's, some problems with dash lights, more exactly, bad contacts on dash. Of course, this doesn't help a lot to solve your problem but you...
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    cruise control

    I have cruise control on my car but for some reason it doesn't work. When I touch the on button, I hear a click somewhere in the relay panel area but nothing happens. Could someone tell me how to fix this problem ? Which is the relay related to CC? Thanks.
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    Hesitating start

    After a tough winter in which my B4 started without any problem, even at -21 C, this morning my car decided, at +7 C, to cause me some trouble. The yellow glow plug light didn't light up so I turned the key all the way. It started cranking but nothing else. I turned the key off and tried one...
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    paintless dent repair

    Andrei, please forgive me for adressing to you as Cristi. I've mixed up names in my head. Sorry, I had a rough day, and it's still not over.
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    paintless dent repair

    Thank you all folks for your replies. As I figured out, the problem will be to find those who do these kind of repair in this part of the world. BTW, Cristi, can you provide me with a phone number of your cousin? I'd appreciate that.
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    paintless dent repair

    Some drunk jerk on bycicle got into my car in the parking place. The results are three little dents on my door, without scratches. Is there any way to get rid of these dents?
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    Need help - noise from RR wheel

    Zdravo Hrvoje, Mislim da bi trebalo da bude sto se na engleski zove "bearings". Imao sam i ja slicna situacija. I to se dogodilo prije boravak u Dubrovniku. Zelim ti sreca.
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    Rear springs check

    How can I figure out if my rear springs are weak? When I cross over gaps or railway I have the impression it doesn't sound too "healthy". It seems like driving over much bigger gaps than they actually are. My rear shocks are almost new (I've changed them 5 months ago)but my front shocks are...
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    Oil change effect on motor sound

    Hello Andi, Thanks for your reply. I've already changed my oil, everything's fine. I even have the impression my car sounds better, but of course I may be subjective. As concerning the weather, I can only say I'm glad I don't live in Moldavia. Later,
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    Oil change effect on motor sound

    I,m about to change my oil from regular 20W 50 to synthetic Aral 5 W 40. Is this gonna make my motor sound different, let's say more quiet?