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    FS: Ross-tech KII-USB VCDS Cable

    $180 shipped in the US, elsewhere pays actual shipping. If you're not sure which cable works for your car, here's a link to the application charts on Ross-tech's website:
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    Hybrid glow plugs, new flash observations

    I just picked up my car after having this done. According to the work order, the glow plugs were replaced with part # N-105-916-07. If I'm not mistaken, my steel GPs just got replaced with... another set of steel GPs?
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    Fall GTG, Nov. 5, Lima OH

    So, it sounds like as long as I get there sometime before Sunday morning I'll be OK. I'll be there lurking around, looking forward to it.
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    02M Installation

    I used a method similar to what MT is describing, but with a Harbor Freight engine support. I dropped a chain from the support to one of the bolt holes on the top of the transmission, toward the rear. I used a floor jack under the trans to support most of the weight, and cranked up on the...
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    Fall GTG, Nov. 5, Lima OH

    How long will this event probably last? I'd really like to get down there, but I might not be able to make it until a little later in the day.
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    hi pitch sound before cranking

    Does it still make the noise if your dome light is switched off?
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    RyanP's 02M 6 Speed Tranny Conversions for VW Golf Mk4 (A4)

    You can count me as one of those 120 satisfied customers. The auto to 6 speed swap was a piece of cake, and Ryan was great to deal with. Worth every penny. Thanks Ryan!
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    Trouble with tie rod end....

    Did you remove the pinch bolt that holds the tie rod end in completely?