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    what is difference between 5 wire O2 wideband LSU 4.9 sensors?

    update- on 17025 or 0 258 017 025, LSU 4.9 sensor 2 Aug - two weeks and no issues, so far seems like a perfect solution and a lot more reasonable than steelership or oem costs. vag com all measurements in spec. appears to me to be a valid cross.:)...and looks like my premise of all LSU...
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    what is difference between 5 wire O2 wideband LSU 4.9 sensors?

    update-went ahead and bought 17025 sensor update 18 Jul 2019- I went ahead and purchased a Bosch LS 17025 , 0 258 017 025 installed today. perfect fit !!! in fact same as original in most all important aspects. only difference is the most likely updated outer sheath on the cable. I have not...
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    Renewal registration blocked in FL

    I live in commie CA ( with the fruits and nuts and well....issues) in September 2017 CA stated they would not renew mine due to glow plug recall.....I already devised a solution way back when the ceramic plugs were known to be an issue. I had installed non-stock stainless glow plugs and changed...
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    O2 and maf sensors

    the sensor is a Bosch LSU 4.9 5 wire wideband sensor, the OE pn for mine 06A 906 262BK in my 04 BEW TDI wish I knew difference between all the variants. I cannot believe Bosch would make more than a few of the actual sensors in the same family. Renée
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    what is difference between 5 wire O2 wideband LSU 4.9 sensors?

    2004 Jetta TDI BEW 300K+ miles I had another failure of the O2 sensor. this last one lasted 1.5yrs the original lasted 13 years. the original pn 06A 906 262 BK / 0281004001/002 with 950mm cable was replaced with Bosch 17180 ( 1K0-998-262 N/14 , 0 258-017-180 per label on box). (1220mm cable...
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    Warning- CA residents with TDI tuning- You might fail your next SMOG check

    I am the original owner and purchased the car in Colorado in 04. My car has never had the 28F6 glow-plug recall as I had found steel tipped glow-plugs to replace the ceramic ones. I did the work back in 2010. I remember the debacle .... VW paid me for the new plugs....I have all the...
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    Renewal registration blocked in FL

    04 TDI BEW Calif renewal denied as of Sept for antique 28F6 glow plug recall notice commie CA just caused my renewal to be dependent on the Dealer doing the 28F6 glow plug flash. I found a good solution back in 2010 real steel tipped glow plugs to replace the ceramic ones. I paid...
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    Anyone need help,here I am(Dallas-Plano ,TX

    looks like you are the go to guy for issues, 2 ECUs for one car, obtaining pins, and great work. to bad I am in CA. I will emails you my questions/issues. Renée
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    Help reading VCDS measuring blocks

    need new injectors? first of all does it have power? if so you do not need injectors. ( I just went through a full 3 months of testing my 2004 PD Jetta after a tensioner failure which caused a belt failure and and and ) the failure of the injectors in my case was lack of power caused by non use...