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    what is wrong with my tdi!?!?!

    Just because this guy worked at VW for 10 plus years doesn't me he knows anything about diesels. I have worked for German car dealers for years myself and we have had ( still do ) plenty of guys that don't know much except brakes & services. This guy just don't have what it takes. He is lost in...
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    Thank you

    Lexington Ky was a great time, the scenic drive was one of my favorite parts. The Old historic district was fabulous and the quaint pubs and bars in downtown. Spent half of Monday touring the Kentucky horse park, and taking another scenic drive around horse country. I think I could live in...
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    Best way to guarantee Dealer will use correct oil?

    Wow so much hatred against the dealer and it appears no one has ever worked at one, yet all seem to be experts on how they do things. I work for Audi and we only use bottle oil for the diesels. The cost ? well it does not matter since most people have AUDI CARE and don't pay for it since the...