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    Tire pressure and fuel economy

    51psi it is! Finally made it out. Now that I'm sure I'll likely run the pressures up to 42 or so and see how they wear, and if the mileage is any better.
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    Tire pressure and fuel economy

    For what it's worth, the information provided by Deezleer on dynamic hydroplaning is correct, and the fact that certain members don't find it intuitive doesn't make it less so. Using real numbers, at 30psi the minimum hydroplane speed is 47, and at 45psi it's 57, so the difference is not...
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    Newbies and Vets: Tips for better fuel economy!

    Winter mileage is typically worse than summer for most cars, I presume no less so for the JSW ( I just brought home a red one with DSG and the 17" Porto wheels). We have picked up several mpg in winter by grill blocking in our Prius, using pieces of split foam pipe insulation between the grill...