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  1. HoageeBill

    Ff gtg

    Would there be any interest in a New England FF GTG, 9/7, perhaps at Kimball's followed by Bamboo -- or 'other', TBD? B
  2. HoageeBill

    Ff gtg

    June 1, is there any interest in a FF GTG, perhaps the "Kimball/Bamboo shuffle"? Or, elsewhere??
  3. HoageeBill

    Nov. FF GTG

    Is there any interest in a Nov. 3, First Friday GTG? Perhaps beginning at Kimbal's at about 6:30 PM and continuing on to Bamboo thereafter?
  4. HoageeBill

    Ff gtg ??

    Hi, Would anyone be interested in a FF GTG in the Boston area on June 3rd? Perhaps Kimballs at around 6:30, followed by dinner at Bamboo, or another restaurant nearby, sometime thereafter? B
  5. HoageeBill

    FT or FF NE GTG

    Is there any interest in a 3/6 or 3/7 2014 get together in the Boston area? I suggest nominating a site/restaurant to be reasonably central to the home areas of those who respond, but all suggestions considered. Anyone?? B
  6. HoageeBill

    NE FF or FT GTG

    Hi, Is there interest in a February first Friday (2/7) or first Thursday (2/6) get together? Do you have a preference for a gathering place? B
  7. HoageeBill

    Nov NE GTG

    It's about that time again. Any interest? Should we meet on Friday 11/1? Or Thursday !!/7? (Or perhaps Thursday 10/31??) Where? Kimball's ice cream stand is closed for the season; but there are several others within 5 miles or so that are still open. Sully's in Chelmsford and Sullivan's in...
  8. HoageeBill

    MA FF or FTh GTG

    Is there interest? Would Thursday work better than Friday? Is Kimball's still suitable? (Seems reasonable for those coming from western MA, southern NH and south of Boston. Perhaps it's a bit more of a problem from Boston & environs.) Dining preferences? Your thoughts and preferences, please. B
  9. HoageeBill

    Ff tdi gtg

    Is the New England FF TDI GTG dead? I plan to wander over to Kimbal's for an ice cream around 6 PM on Friday, 9/6/13. I'll wear a red ball cap and find a table under the big tent. Would anyone care to join me there? If at least a few show up, would you care to do dinner at Bamboo, maybe around 7...
  10. HoageeBill

    Ne ff gtg ???

    Hi, It's getting late. Is there none this month? Or a 2F GTG? E.g., Kimballs @ 6 - 6:30 & Bamboo or ?? afterward? B
  11. HoageeBill

    Oct 1st Friday GTG & fest query

    'Mornin all, I've not seen anything posted regarding a forthcoming Boston area October 1st Friday GTG. Has the interest waned or, perhaps, are the usual perpetrators waiting for someone new to step into the breach? Also, I've seen some photos from the TDI fest, posted by Hamster Diesel, but...
  12. HoageeBill

    Obama OKs "clean cars" for MA

    What effect will new legislation, allowing individual states to set their own emissions standards, have on VW's (and other's) attempts to bring "clean diesels" to the US market? E.g. - Yesterday, Massachusetts was given the green light to put cleaner, more efficient cars on the road. [1]...