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    2015 Passat losing coolant, no visible leaks

    2015 Passat losing coolant, no visible leaks, update, probably water pump My wife drove my car from Flagstaff to Tucson on Friday to visit family. She called me this morning and told me the low coolant warning came up on the screen this morning when she started it. The coolant reservoir was...
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    Passat TDI rental cars?!

    I’m in Austin for work this week. Long story short, the clerk at the Advantage counter issued me a Passat for my rental. He mentioned that I had to be sure to put diesel in it, I did a double take and asked him what year car he was giving me, he said it was a 2014. I got to the garage and...
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    6MT, which gear for mountain grades?

    Should I be in 5th or 6th gear for best efficiency on the grades? I’ve had my Passat for a couple years and I’m curious is I’m driving it wrong. My regular commute includes I-17 between Flagstaff and Phoenix, this road includes a couple long 6-7% grades that I drive at 72 mph (speed limit...
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    Three months left of bumper to bumper warranty, what to inspect?

    I’ve got three months left of the CPO bumper to bumper warranty on my 2015 Passat. I would like to know what I should be looking to have replaced before the warranty expires. The car is operating fine, and I think I finally got the front end vibration under control with new front rotors and...
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    Stage 2 fix observations, 2015 6MT

    My car received the phase 2 correction on 9/4, so after a few weeks of driving I have some observations. My car certainly feels slower after the mod, there is less mid range power than there was before. Previously if I were accelerating moderately and floored the throttle there was a...
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    New to us 2015 Touareg Lux

    I missed the 2011 Touareg I sold back to VW in February and wanted another. After a few weeks of searching I found the right one. The wife and I just returned from a trip to California to pick up a 2015 Touareg TDI Lux in silver with 22K miles. It’s in great condition with just a couple minor...
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    Carrying a fat bike?

    I just purchased a Surly Pugsley fat tire bike. I was able to disassemble it enough to fit it in the back seat of my Passat for the ride home, but it isn’t something I want to do all the time. Unfortunately folding the seats down and getting the bike in the trunk isn’t a possibility because I...
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    Rear end riding low

    My Passat is fully equipped for my commute and usage, but now the rear end is riding kind of low. This week I shopped at Costco mid week and added probably another 80 lb to the back seat of the car. After adding my shopping the rear mud flaps were dragging over speed bumps and exiting some...
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    Vibration from front end at highway speeds

    I’m trying to figure out the vibration that shakes my steering wheel at highway speeds. When traveling at 75-80 mph there is a significant vibration that comes and goes. I say the vibration comes and goes because if it’s vibrating and I come to a turn on the freeway the vibration seems to...
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    Which tires?

    I tried searching as I figured this had been covered before, but I didn’t see anything applicable. I just purchased my 2015 Passat and it came with a new set of Hankook Kinergy GT tires in the stock 215/55R17. The tires aren’t bad, they ride smooth enough and aren’t too noisy, but I’m having...
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    Adding second battery for fridge, wiring?

    I will be adding a second battery to my Passat to run my ARB 37 QT fridge. Can anyone tell me if I can run 1/0 gauge power cable through the firewall and where it could go? I could go with 4 gauge power cable, but with the potential for full alternator power to charge the rear battery I’d just...
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    Mandatory accessories for new to me 2015? Which Skid plate?

    I posted a couple days ago about my newly acquired 2015 Passat 6MT. Now I’m starting to think of what mods a new car needs. I’m not new to diesels or TDI cars, so I’m familiar with proper service intervals, proper spec oil, etc. With any mods I do the biggest concern would be voiding the 11...
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    Picked up my 2015 6MT today

    With my Touareg being bought back soon I needed to find a new commuter car. I drive 30K per year, so MPG was important. While searching Autotrader I happened across a 2015 Passat TDI SE 6MT. The car was at a VW dealer in Las Vegas, about 4 hours from Flagstaff. It was a buyback car from...
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    Did new Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires ruin my MPG?

    Hopefully this is the right place for this post since it is MPG related. My wife's 2009 TDI sedan just got new tires. I did some research on here and other places and decided on the Michelin Primacy MXM4 in the stock size 205/55R16. They are rated a "10" on Michelin's chart for fuel efficiency...
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    Where to buy OEM parts?

    I'm looking to buy a factory fog light kit for the 09 (price dependent) and some other accessories. Can anyone recommend some trusted online vendors? Thanks
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    BroncoAZ's 09 PG Jetta TDI

    Here's some pics I took the day after we got it with 13 miles. The car has the DSG, Sunroof, Bluetooth, and Ipod dock. I'm sure I'll do some light mods later.
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    New to TDI, not new to diesel

    I'm new on here, just got the wife a platinum gray 2009 Jetta TDI with the DSG. Her lease was finally up on her 2006 Accord Coupe V6. The Accord was a good car, but not comfortable for me at 6'5" and 320lb. She'll be doing most of the Jetta driving, but I'll have to steal it for highway trips. I...