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    Upgraded my bulbs on my OSRAM LEDriving XENARC headlights

    I absolutely love how the aggressive my car looks with the OSRAM headlights on my Golf Wagon, but I just couldn't get over the fact that the HID lights had little improvement over the Halogen bulbs. I did some research on the European market and I found out the regulations to use 35w bulbs...
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    Suspension Upgrade by using VW Parts for my JSW

    Hi All, I have an opportunity to purchase a set of MK6 Golf R struts/shocks but with no springs. I am thinking about purchasing the struts/shocks and pairing it up w/ VW Drivers Gear Springs and installing a MK6 GTI 22MM rear sway bar. Has anyone completed similar modification? I just want...
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    Got my JSW paddle steering wheel re-trimmed by Royal Steering Wheel UK

    Hand sanitizer hasn't been kind to the leather on the steering wheel among the wife and I. I opted to get my steering wheel re-trimmed by Royal Steering Wheel UK, perfed leather side, smooth top and bottom, 2MM thicker and black stitching. I ordered the TDI Club Black steering wheel trim and...
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    Which vendor/shop sells pentosin ffl-2 in the GTHA?

    I know Amazon sells it, but I really want to try to avoid buying amazon and support local businesses in the GTHA if possible. So who sells the pentosin ffl-2 DSG fluid kit? or even 5 x 1l bottles?
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    BuzzKen Exhaust?

    Hey there, I have a 2014 Golf Wagon TDI and I want to order the BuzzKen exhaust. It would appear that I can only order it from the American distributer in US dollars? How can I order one in Canadian Dollars?