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    ALH Injectors $125 shipped

    SOLD SHOULD be from a 2003 manual with ~30k miles. I had several sets and this was the nicest one that I was hanging on to for myself but alas, the car is gone.
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    Metalnerd Tools

    PENDING $180 - Timing belt tools **found previously misplaced 5mm stubby driver** - set is complete $5 shipped - Water pump removal screws that dont appear to be in the kit on their website. I think these were previously offered by dieselgeek. Free to good home (you pay for shipping) -...
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    Rosstech Vagcom Cable - $100

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    WTB Metalnerd Tools for ALH timing job

    I've got a set listed for $180+ shipping on my "garage cleanout" thread.
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    MK4 Panzer skid plate - in Herndon, VA

    The plate is sold pending payment.
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    MK4 Panzer skid plate - in Herndon, VA

    That's actually a great price on those things and will save someone a good bit of $.
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    Garage cleanout

    Does someone make a knock off cable? Im pretty sure it's genuine. I bought it from the website.
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    Garage cleanout

    I bought them for my 2002 Jetta. If you're looking to replace yours you'll have to pop them open and look to make sure the numbers match.
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    Garage cleanout

    ** if it's still listed, I still have it** PENDING ALH injectors. Either from an automatic 2002 jetta with 114k miles on them or a donor with manual transmission and ~30k miles on them. Not much to go on but either way you're getting the injector bodies with the clip and they're in good...
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    wtb alh cylinder head for 2000 beetle

    Oddly I do have a spare one in my garage an no longer have the car. Pm sent
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    MK4 Panzer skid plate - in Herndon, VA

    I shouldve added that I'm looking I sell this thing locally.
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    TDIFest 2009 coming to Washington, DC

    Hey, I havent been keeping up with the thread. Did anyone get a VW rep from their new headquarters yet?
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    Key blanks

    Just the metal key blank. No chip. the chip is in the fob.
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    Key blanks

    Not a guy :p But yeah, I listed them there too
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    Key blanks

    They have HAA stamped on them. I dont have mine to compare them to (driving the truck today). I know they'll fit tho.
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    VNT15 core

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    Key blanks

    Got several key blanks if anyone needs them. $5 shipped.
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    99.5-2003 Jetta Tdi Needed

    I'll have to take them when the sun comes up. I can go out now but all you'd get is a dark blob.