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  1. airtimeturbo

    Wanted to buy: rear headrests titan black for 14 Golf TDI

    I am going to assume that the headrests are the same 2010-2014. If you have something, please e-mail Thanks Dale Newton
  2. airtimeturbo

    2013 Passt TDI SEL - Vermont TDI Imports

    2013 VW Passat TDI SEL DSG 19.5K Miles / $27,995 We are excited to offer our first 2013 Passat TDI SEL. This is a southern TX car, one owner. She has all available options some of which are leather seating, wood accents, sunroof, cold weather package, keyless touch entry push-button start...
  3. airtimeturbo

    2012 Passat TDI Manual 3K Miles VT TDI Imports

    2012 Passat SE TDI Manual 3K+ Miles Beautiful tungsten silver / black manual Passat TDI. There are few manuals produced, and we are lucky at the moment to have two nice examples. $25,395 *I consider this to be a solid value on this Passat. Full photo album on our site...
  4. airtimeturbo

    2011 Touareg TDI V6 Executive 21k Miles

    $43,895 / Our second Touareg offering in the past month. 2011 Touareg TDI V6 Executive. This was a $60,000 Touareg just a year and a half ago. Intead of listing all of the options here, I have scanned the original dealer window sticker (Link to that file is on my site too.) This is a Southern...
  5. airtimeturbo

    2010 Touareg V6 TDI

    2010 VW Touareg V6 TDI Luxury and Technology Package 28,400 Miles This is our first Touareg! I have never driven a more seamlessly powerful vehicle. The V6 TDI will tow nearly 8,000 lbs and is an absolute rocket on the highway. 1,600 miles to VT, 72 mph most of the way, high Sandy winds, and...
  6. airtimeturbo

    VW Elbows Way into Mainstream Market|nextstory Volkswagen will step up its presence in the crossover-SUV market in a big way as the automaker elbows its way into the mainstream of the U.S. car market. VW is in the...
  7. airtimeturbo

    Loaded 2011 Golf 4 Door DSG 10K Miles - Vermont TDI Imports

    Every option except nav: DSG, moonroof, Dynaudio, Bi Xenon AFS lighting, fogs, paddle shifting, cold weather package, 225/45/17s, protection package with hatch liner, monster mats, mud flaps and door guards. Currently just over 10k miles. $24,595. Over $28,500 new. Please note that the last...
  8. airtimeturbo

    2012 Golf TDI 4-Door Manual from Vermont TDI Imports

    2012 Golf TDI Manual with 1,800 Miles! $24,395 Our first 2012 offering! We bought this Golf wtih 345 miles on her. Showroom. Driven here with careful break-in practice. Cold weather package, fog lights, Bluetooth, full Mp3 connectivity, Sat. radio, 6-CD changer, 17s, monster mats, hill-holder...
  9. airtimeturbo

    One for the books

    I recently bought a nice 2009 Jetta TDI Loyal DSG from a careful lady first owner in the Buffalo NY area. Before the sale she took the Jetta into a local VW dealer for a recall on the mechatronics unit. They "did" the recall and, of course, the fluid and filter (early 40k service) were done...
  10. airtimeturbo

    Vermont TDI Imports Current / Sale

    We are looking to reduce inventory in the next three weeks so have reduced prices on all of our remaining TDIs. For the sake of efficiency, I will post pics of each here, but the full photo album, CarFax and details can be easily found on our site: As always...
  11. airtimeturbo

    2010 Jetta TDI Manual 1,700 Miles

    We bought this car with 30 miles on her. She has been driven here to Vermont and just enough locally to keep her exercised.. The first 1k miles were driven following appropriate break-in habits. All options except nav. 17" alloys. All weather guard package. We are selling this Jetta for $1,000...
  12. airtimeturbo

    2005 Jetta GLS Manual Wagon 49,700 Miles - Vermont TDI Imports

    For all of you wagon hunters, here she is! Southern, one owner, VW service with records on hand. Still under 50k miles. Wow! Leather package. New tires, new rear brakes, fully serviced. The interior is in great condition. A few minor blems in paint on exterior, but she shines like new. She...
  13. airtimeturbo

    2010 Jetta TDI SW, DSG - Vermont TDI Imports

    2010 SW DSG 8,700 miles. White gold metallic / corn silk beige:black. Full photo album and CarFax on our site: $23,995. No fees, free temp or transit plate, full tank. Free overnight in our B&B if needed and of course pick up at BTV, AMTrak or bus station...
  14. airtimeturbo

    2010 Jetta TDI Manual Loyal Edition

    Driven twice: VW dealer to first owner / Ohio here to Vermont. 100% showroom. Priced to account for tax credit and an additional $1,000 off sticker. No fees, free 30-day transit plate or 60-day temp. plate, full tank, free pick up at BTV, AmTrak or bus station. Free stay in our B&B. The skiing...
  15. airtimeturbo

    2009 Jetta TDI Manual Loyal Edition 13k Miles

    30+ pics and CarFax on our site: All options minus nav. 17" rims, monster mats, all weather guards, Gorilla Gear. One owner. VW serviced. I drove her this week back and forth to Burke Mt where I teach. Mixed driving and 41.8 mpg. $20,395 Dale Newton
  16. airtimeturbo

    Fuel tank needed 2006 Beetle TDI

    Shot in the dark, but I need a fuel tank for 2006 NB ASAP. VW is saying nothing on this side of the pond until 1/28 at the earliest. If anyone knows of a source for new, let me know, please. Dale Newton Vermont TDI Imports
  17. airtimeturbo

    2010 Jetta Sedan and 2009 Jetta SW, both manuals

    We just got in two very nice Jettas: 2010 Jetta TDI 6 speed manual with all options minus nav. White / anthracite, 17" wheels. About 50 miles on her when we picked her up Thursday. 1k drive home. Driven home with proper break-in driving. This was a VW asset swap. Weather guard package. MSRP on...
  18. airtimeturbo

    Volkswagen to buy 20 percent of Suzuki for $2.5B

    Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Volkswagen AG, Europe’s largest carmaker, agreed to pay 222.5 billion yen ($2.5 billion) for a 19.9 percent stake in Suzuki Motor Corp. and jointly develop vehicles for emerging markets to challenge global leader Toyota Motor Corp. VW and Suzuki plan to develop hybrids...
  19. airtimeturbo

    Long shot - chrome accent trip piece needed for front grill, 05 Jetta

    Long shot - chrome accent strip piece needed for front grill, 05 Jetta I have an 05 Jetta GLS TDI wagon, manual in red spice for sale. 28k miles from FL. I have had to spruce up three tiny items. Any chance someone out there has a grill lying around, even if broken in pieces...I need one chrome...
  20. airtimeturbo

    Mileage Champs See the U.S.A. at 67.9 M.P.G.

    Mileage Champs See the U.S.A. at 67.9 M.P.G. - By JAMES BARRON, NYT, September 10, 2009 "THE Volkswagen Jetta TDI rolled gently to a stop at the red light — no squealing brakes, no smoking tires. On the dashboard, the trip computer display read 62 miles per gallon." "Goodyear Assurance Fuel...