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    No head!!!

    Short story, the vehicle is an 03 golf tdi 5spd. Lights functioned as normal last night. This morning there are no headlights, and no blinkers. You can flash the highs, but no constant on. The lows don't come on at all. The blinkers work everywhere if hazard system is used. It was dark so...
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    alignment woes

    Two weeks ago I had the golf aligned after I installed new struts. Everything was working great. Then last Friday the front end made contact with the pavement entering a parking lot (started pulling right). Since I have firestone lifetime alignment I dropped it off today. They tell me that...
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    Dead turbo cured!!! you'll never quess!

    Last week I had a huge power loss in my vehicle while driving home from work. I don't have a vag com so I couldn't pull the code. I did some digging on here and checked the Maf sensor by unplugging and going for a ride. That didn't help except that my wife and I noticed that we werent'...
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    WTB: TT/R32 Spindles, Shine suspension parts

    Just want to see if anyone has some audi TT or R32 spindles for sale. Also looking for Shine SRS pieces (springs and bar, not dampers unless they are really low miles) that need a good home. Would also be nice if anyone has ideas on where to find some spindles. thanks!
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    Alternator pulley blues...cured

    About two weeks ago I completed my 100,000 mile TB change on my 2003 TDI Golf. Everything went smoothly even though I didn't buy any special tools. I made a spanner for then TB tensioner. If anyone wants the dimensions I will post them. I believe that to be to only "out of the ordinary" tool...
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    Which vendors should I use?

    It is time for me to do the TB service on my 03 golf tdi. I have read through the procedures. None of that will be an issue. Where is the best place to get the TB kit from? I want a water pump included in the deal also. I also need the special tool kit. My shocks and struts are shot...