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    FS mk 4 jetta for parts/scrap

    I have a mk4 Jetta that i am about ready to take to scrap. Is there anything anyone wants? email
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    FS: BEW stock turbo

    This turbo was taken off a 2004 golf because it was thought it did not work but it was actually the clogged exhaust. The engine it came off of had around 280k miles. It seems like an ok turbo. $175. shipping available. Email me at
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    FS: complete alh engine without turbo 238K miles

    As the title says, i have a alh engine without a turbo for sale. It has 238k miles the timing belt and head was down shortly after 200k miles. It was stock. $1000 obo. Shipping availible. Located near Erie pa. Email me at . I also have other mk4 Jetta parts, just ask.
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    ALH turbo types?

    How can a person tell what turbo they have on there car? Like whether it is a vnt 15 or vnt 17 or something else? Is there a guide for figuring out from the turbo plate? Thanks
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    BEW crankshaft bolt help

    Im dueing the timing belt on my 2004 golf and i cant get the bolt off the crankshaft. Im just braking stuff. I have tried a braker bar and a inpact. Is there a special socket to use? Any ideas? thanks
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    FS: Items for 5 speed swap (mk4)

    I have two parts cars that are manuals that i would be will to sell stuff off of for a 5 speed swap. Does someone know what all i takes or does someone want one? I do not have any transmissions. Both cars are 2002 jetta's
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    WTB Crankshaft Counter-Hold Tool (BEW)

    Does any one have one of these? If so, let me know
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    help with timing belt change on PD

    I am changing the timing belt and camshaft on my 2004 golf. I got all the timing belt stuff off and the lock put on the crankshaft. I also have all camshaft put in and bolted down. Is it ok to turn the camshaft or will the valves hit the pistons? thanks
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    I have a 204 golf that i am fixing up and a am wondering in any one has some fenders for sale. It is the dark blue/gray color. i forget what the color is called right now. I might also be interested in a bumper cover and hood. I also need the a part of the latch for the hatch and a gray...
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    WTB BEW camshaft hub SOLD

    SOLD I need a camshaft hub for a bew. Mine was bent to camshaft timing belt work. Let me know what you have. thanks
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    WTB: BEW timing belt tools and camshaft tools

    Hello i would like to buy/rent/borrow the tools kits needed to do a bew timing belt and changing the camshaft. I would prefer to buy but let me know what you have. text 814 315 8595 thanks
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    WTB injectors for alh 764 SOLD

    my injectors on my car are getting older and i was want to replace them with the same ones it has now. i was wondering if some one would have a set of for injectors with 764 nozzles. I would preferr onces that were rebuilt in the last 50,000 miles. my car is a 2002 jetta with a vnt 17. thanks
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    FS mk6 Jetta GLI 18 inch wheels

    FS mk6 Jetta GLI 18 inch wheels SOLD Hello everyone. my brother has some jetta GLI wheels that come off an 2011 or 2012. they are the black and chrome ones. Send him a text if your interested. His phone number is 814 746 8threethree2. thanks. SOLD
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    I live in the town or North East pa which is up by Erie and Lake Erie. I drive a silver mk 4 jetta tdi. I saw another guy drive by my place and in town sometimes. I am just wondering if he is one here somewhere thanks.
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    Pennzoil syncromesh GL 4

    Does anybody know where to get Pennzoil syncromesh GL 4? Is it still made?
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    Changing from cloth to heated leather seats

    I have a 2002 Jetta tdi sedan that is cloth. I also bought a similar car but it has heated leather. My cloth car does not have the wires to run the heated leather. Has any body been through this and know what it all is involved? Thanks
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    parting out 2002 jetta TDI sedan

    I bought it hit the rear. I wanted the leather seats and a few other interior parts. it has around 343,000 miles on it. the color is silver the engines is completely stock as far as i can tell. I'll sell the engine with the turbo and injector pump. The engines timing belt was changed at...
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    wunted jetta tdi manual

    ALREADY GOT WHAT I WUNT SOLD THANKS I am looking for a 1999-2004 jetta sedan. It must be a manual My prefered colors would be gray, blue, or green. I wunt one that has preferable at least a stage 2 tune. i live in northern pa by Lake Erie and we have a lot of rust so i would like a car...