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    BP Diesel Fuel

    the local BP stations that have BP Diesel the pumps say min 40 Celene so is BP Diesel just 40 Celene are do you think it is higher than what the sticker on the pump said ? :confused:
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    i fill my car up for the first time today with B biodiesel. i hope it works out OK i guess i need to search before i get fussed out on here.i do have some question but i want ask about them here don't want to up set any one. :( the biodiesel that i fill up with is B5. i fill up at a shell...
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    castrol 5w30 gtx

    my wife has a 2003 beetle 2.0 gas engine car.i have been buying the oil for it at the auto parts stores here in town ( MOBIL 1 0W40 ) that is the oil that i have used in that car from first oil change.we take the car to local vw dealer here and get them to change oil & filter. my wife took the...
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    the alternator went out on my 2000 beetle tdi and it is going to cost me 850.00 at the vw dealer ship. LOL whats us poor people going to do. LOL :mad: :eek: :(
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    ulsd 15ppm

    i am disappointed about usld here in greenville north carolina. their are only one company that has ulsd and that is handy-mart stores. :) all the rest stations here still have lsd 500 parts sticker still on the the pumps. it may well be that the other stations are pumping ulsd but the pumps...
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    syn oil

    since we dont know for sure about mobil 1 any more and i have been useing it over twenty years / my cars 2000 tdi beetle and 2003 2.0 gas / i have been useing mobil 1 0w40 because it meets the spect for both cars / vw 505/ 502 / so now what ? :( maybe shell 5w40 sym or some other oil ? :(
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    ulsd 15ppm

    ulsd 15 ppm / i haven't found a station yet in greenville nc , that has the ulsd 15ppm diesel. i am disappointed that no one here has it yet or at least don't have the stickers on the pumps yet. i though on 10/15 06 that the stations had to have the stickers on. :confused: :confused:
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    mobil 1 0w40

    yesterday in wal-mart i check out the auto secton on oil.they had one of the papers their that tells the clearks how to fix the oil displays and it looks as mobil 1 atf is gone ( none on the display ) and no mobil 1 0w40 on the paper ( only two quarts on the shelf ) and nothing on the paper...
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    2000 beetle tdi

    ok i need some advice.i have a 2000 beetle tdi and have been useing mobil 1 truck & suv 5w40 ( old oil devac 1 ) i am going to get my oil change on friday and am out of the mobil 1 is what oil i can get mobil 1 0w40 vw 505/ 502/ 503.1 or castrol 505 5w40 or castrol 505.1 i need help...
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    505 oil

    for a long time people on this forum said to use mobil devac 1 5w40 in non pd engines.vw specs for my 2000 tdi is 505.0.i am now reading on this forum that mobil 1 0w40 vw 502/505/503 is better than the delvac 1 for my car because it meets vw 505.delvac 1 is ci4+ but not tested for vw why...
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    timing belt

    i have a 2000 new beetle tdi with a auto trans.the timing belt was replace at 111,000 miles and now has 143,000 miles on it.the dealer service maniger at the dealer said that for my year modle tdi (2000) that the timing belt needs to be replace every 40,000 this true i though that it...
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    diesel fuel

    diesel fuel here in greenville nc went from 2.57 to 2.69 in one day what gives ?:mad:
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    diesel oil

    ok guy's i have a queston.i have a 2000 beetle tdi and have been useing mobil 1 truck & suv 5w40 diesel oil.since i can not fine it now what do you think about me useing some of the elfs oil 0w30 506/507 ?doesn't vw say to use a 5w40 synthetic?is the 0w30 to lite for my beetle?i know that i can...
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    mobil truck & suv

    the wal-mart in greenville north carolina has the mobil 1 truck & suv for 5.52 a qt and 20.00 a five qt jug.:) walmart allso now have mobil 1 0w40 vw 502/505.0/503.1
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    Hess diesel

    the hess diesel fuel in my area has a greenish tint to it.does this mean any thing good or bad?:)
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    tdi fuel milage

    i have a 2000 beetle with a auto use to get 42-44 miles a now gets 38 and i don't know why. the car runs good and good power.i had the car checked by the dealer and the service text said every thing was set to factory specks,i live in eastern north carolina.:confused:
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    i did a search but did not see what i was looking the diesel fuel for 06 changed any/sulfer and so forth.:)
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    tdi check engine light

    i have a 2000 beetle tdi.the check engine light came on last week.the car still runs good and power is still does any one have any ideas whats going on?
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    diesel fuel

    i did a search but did not fine what i was looking my area we have bp/amoco and just got what does every one think of hess? i know that amoco is good but i just want the best for my tdi.
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    i have a 2000 tdi beetle. it has p205x55x16-91h tiresi know the h stands for the speed rateing of the tire but what does the 91 mean?