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  1. shaark92

    Still going strong

    209K miles ... original. Kerma TDI performance tune. EGR delete. Colt II cam. Driving home from a trip yesterday, had a hot dog in a Chevy Duramax wanna play (term of endearment, I'm a big diesel truck guy, too) Full disclosure, BIG NW wind in the face yesterday ... to climb a 6-7% grade...
  2. shaark92

    VW Settles ... 14. BILLION

    Sorry if this has already been posted ... looks like the end of VW TDI in the States. sigh.
  3. shaark92

    Revived TDI!

    Today, I met Steve Glover in Ft. Worth. He adjusted the timing on my 06 TDI & loaded a Kerma TDI tune. (it was -1.5% torsion, he made it ZERO). The last several months, I'd noticed slight loss of power, but also a loss of about 10 mpgs (hand cyphered, even) My first run was Ft Worth to Hico...
  4. shaark92

    Two fer

    Fahrfromfuelin! Just got the missus a '12 w/ DSG! I couldn't believe how much faster it is over my 06 5 speed. Anyone know how to detune these things??? :D Like the new body style over the '06 ... drive train seems really good ... but a bit disappointed in the decontent (leatherette? ... no...
  5. shaark92

    PLZ ID heat exchanger under front pax

    Was accomplishing the 10k oc today @ 9920 b/c I'm 'fixin' to put 220 miles on it for my commute this weekend. didn't get to pop's for the car lift this time, so I ramped it ... btw ... discovered the standard ramp needs a 2x4 extension as the lower molding contacts the ramp before the tire...
  6. shaark92

    Oil Cooler

    Found a couple threads discussing oil coolers/heat exchangers in the Power Enhancement section ... but I'm considering an oil COOLER for my Mk5 Jetta ... as I approach the 5000 mile mark. Anyone else been down this Mk5 road lately??? Thanks! Al
  7. shaark92

    Thread Subscriptions

    When one subscribes to a thread, aren't subsequent posts supposed to be emailed a message the post/thread has been replied-to? I've subscribed to 5 or 6 threads & have only been notified of 1. Hep me, please. THX! Al
  8. shaark92

    Amsoil Euro

    In the Fuels/Lub section, there's a good discussion regarding the new 5w40 Amsoil Euro w/ the VW 505.01 certification. I'm wondering if anyone knows why this oil wouldn't be exceedingly sufficient for a pair of small-block chevy's w/ 200K miles on 'em. I like commonality ... adding the VW to...
  9. shaark92

    Jetta TDI Review Requested ... PROVIDED

    Fellow TDIers! Another Jetta TDI hit the road today @ ~1730 CDT as I took delivery of our new manual Spice Red/Beige package 2/XM Jetta. I woke about 1.5 hrs before the alarm --- set for 0450 --- then realized today was Jetta Delivery day. I couldn't go back to sleep ... so I made a post...
  10. shaark92

    Jetta TDI Review Requested

    Greetings, I am considering the purchase of a VW TDI Jetta (late model, maybe even a new one) ... I make a 108 mile, one-way trip to work roughly once/week ... having a '93 Chev 1/2 ton & a '97 Chev Tahoe is puttin the hurt on me. As "exotic" a vehicle I've ever owned is a Ford Escort! No...