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    Steering wheel buttons

    I just had my "next button" on my steering wheel not come back up. It still works but you have to press really hard and it stays in the "down" position. Has anyone had this type of thing happen to their steering wheel buttons? I have the dealer look at it today after work but since it only...
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    MK6 manual and taller 6th gear.

    I have a 13 6mt beetle and was wondering if a taller 6th gear existed yet for this car? I am looking for something that sits at around 1600-1700 at 70 or 3 at around 100MPH. I am not looking for better gas milage or lack of excelleration I am just looking for something that pulls down the...
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    A month+ and only 8 threads

    I am mostly a reader on this forum but have to say this. So we have our own section for more than a month and only 7 now 8 threads? Does every one get their info from the golf section? I understand its new and all but there are over 5,000 total views for the threads, surely there had to be...