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    PD TANDEM PUMP REBUILD $25 EBAY KIT (leaking into crankcase/oil)

    RE: PD Tandem Pump Rebuild Nice tip. My tandem pump has been leaking oil down the side of my engine and making a mess of things for a while now. I replaced the pump to cylinder head gasket a few years ago but that evidently wasn't the root cause. For $25 I'll give this rebuilt kit a try.
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    Thoughts and Prayers for oilhammer's Family

    Sympathy I am very sorry to hear this; my sincere condolences to you, Brian, and your family. Godspeed
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    Winter Woes - Car Doors Freezing Shut

    Silicone grease, like dielectric grease holds up well.
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    Any tips on removing a KP39 turbo actuator while on vechile?

    Soak them in liquid penetrant overnight. 3/8" is a little smaller than 10mm, so try one of those. You might need a six point wrench to keep it from rounding. Heat (MAPP torch) will help if the penetrating oil fails.
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    PD150 setup for my BEW has arrived!

    Lol! I hadn't really thought about that; the intake came with the turbo as an extra. Since they came as a unit, I figured I would just bolt the whole thing on. The PD150 setup appears more staightforward as well. Your point about cost is valid. If a $40 MAP is the difference in potential...
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    PD150 setup for my BEW has arrived!

    I finally ordered up a PD150 intake/GT1749VB setup from Europe. I am stoked to get this installed :D. After reading post upon post and thread upon thread, I need to clarify some things about the supporting mods from those who have already been there... I am contemplating a mild setup with stock...
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    BEW turbo upgrade and fuel questions!

    So a BEW with VNT-17 and good stage 2 tune will give a reliable 150 WHP at around 22 PSI...with the stock 2.5 bar MAP? What changes, then, when you put a stage 4 tune on the BEW engine? Are stock injectors still providing enough fuel? 3 bar MAP? How many PSI boost can the BEW engine run with...
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    Burning oil after vnt17 and stage 4

    I'd like to know how this turns out. Did you check the lower charge pipe, as others have already suggested? A new turbo shouldn't be leaking. Then again, a reconditioned head shouldn't be leaking past the valve seals. If the amount of oil inside the pipe looks alright, I might measure cylinder...
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    WTB: VNT17 GT1749VB for BEW

    Yeah, well - if $600 is the going rate for a used vnt17 I'll have to consider a new one.
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    WTB: VNT17 GT1749VB for BEW

    Anybody have a spare VNT17 in good shape? Not looking to spend $800+ on a turbo right now...
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    KP39 believed to have failed

    A small amount of oil does seep through to the boost side, and so with 200K+ miles I expect that's normal. You might work the vanes free - I'm sure I've seen some threads on that very subject. If you go the CHRA route and you buy off eB@y - caveat emptor; the quality of parts varies widely. Do...
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    Need help with flange seal removal...

    I suppose I will then.
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    Need help with flange seal removal...

    A large flat-blade screw-driver. Did you use one of those broad L-shaped pullers or one of the thinner "batwing" shaped pullers?
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    Need help with flange seal removal...

    I'm in the middle (literally) of replacing an output shaft flange seal and cannot, for the life of me, get the seal out. Prying in the usual way simply bent the narrow, metal lip that I am prying against. The seal is not wide (thick) enough to screw a sheet metal screw into. So can anybody out...
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    Cam shaft wear

    Eddif; I have some specific questions about the valuable information you have provided here (thank you very much): I am prepared to do a lower bearing pull. You haven't described it here; does that involve removing the bearing caps and then sliding the bearings out for inspection? You have...
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    BEW camshaft wear

    Thanks for the tip...
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    BEW camshaft wear

    Pics posted Random shots of three different lobes from different angles: The last one is out of focus, but the edges can still be seen. I have never seen a good camshaft other than in pictures, but this one looks fairly well worn to me.
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