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    For Sale 1996 Passat TDI

    I'm selling my Passat tdi I bought in 2000 with about 50,000 miles on it, it has about 325k on it now. It needs a new clutch, it has the original still in it. engine runs great, fires right up, oil consumption is about 1qt every 5 to 6 thousands miles. Here are some of the upgrades I've done on...
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    Parts Car 96 B4 TDI "Sold"

    Wrecked in front, Runs & Motivates in 1st & Reverse $500 "Sold"
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    FS 97 Passat TDI

    FS 97 Passat TDI SOLD Starts, runs, & drives good, very little rust, it does loose coolant, PO says my have blown head gasket, 246k mi. $1,000 SOLD
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    96 Passat TDI For Sale "Sold"

    Wrecked in front, Runs & Motivates in 1st & Reverse $750 Sold
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    Any body see Lauren Fix on Newsmax TV last night

    Here's the clip:
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    Trailer Towing
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    SOLD! 1996 Passat GLX VR6 5sp SOLD!

    I bought this 1996 Passat GLX VR6 5sp. about 2 years ago from the 2nd owner to do a tdi conversion one day. She bought it when she live in Oklahoma in 1998 with 54,650 mi, then moved to N. Va.. The Michelin Pilot tires only have 3000 mi. the PO said when I bought it, I only drove it for about...