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    2.0T FSI Unitronic Stage 1

    Unitronic stage 1 tuned ECU IMMO defeated Plug and play! Also have forge DV spacer, updated DV, and cold air intake pipe. ECU $350 DV and spacer, $100 Cold air intake pipe and filter $80 Package deal $450
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    03 TDI. Low power. Not an easy one

    Losing my shirt on this car. It has almost no power, and literally 0 power above 2500rpm. Won't rev past 3000rpm under load. When revving in neutral, it is sluggish and when it hits 2000rpm it struggles to push through to 3-4000rpm. With MAF unplugged, the engine will not rev above 2000rpm in...
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    ALH Low power around 3000rpm

    2003 Jetta TDI Wagon 5 Speed converted Drive ability is great if under 3000rpm and not pulling up hills. When it hits 3000rpm (or less if under load in 5th gear), MAF drops to 600-650ish and boost drops to 1400-1500mbar. If you keep it under WOT the boost and MAF come back around 3400rpm. I'm...
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    ALH Oil Pump Failure

    11000km after a complete rebuild, we had a major oil pump failure. Wondering if anybody else has seen this before? Oil pump was a new replacement SK. The engine lost oil pressure out of the blue, about 10 minutes into a drive one morning. After removing the oil pump, we found the oil pump ring...
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    2000 TDI engine wiring harness work in a 2002 car?

    Swapping a 5spd into my buddies car this weekend. Its a 2002 TDI. I have a parts car but it is a 2000 or 2001. Does anybody know if the engine harness is interchangeable, apart from the 2 wire vs 4 wire glow plug harness? I thought this might be easier and cleaner than messing around with the...
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    2001 TDI Misfires when cold, lots of smoke

    Just finished getting this 2001 Jetta TDI Auto roadworthy for a friend of mine. 525000km, but it runs great with the exception of a cold start problem.. hoping to get some opinions/advice on. After the car is warm, even luke warm after sitting for 3-5 hours, it fires up within a half a second...
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    TDI Front crankshaft seal nightmare

    Trying to resolve an extremely heavy oil leak coming from the front seal on a 2004 BEW TDI Jetta. Our tech installed a new seal, which leaked, and tried another one, which also leaked. I took it apart myself a third time and replaced the crank seal again. Crank snout was slightly worn, and was...
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    MK4 TDI. Looking for performance advice.

    I plan on tuning my 03 TDI in the near future. The car is an auto to 5spd conversion, so it has the 11mm pump. What should I do with my injectors before I get it tuned? The cheaper the better. I see $275 nozzle sets (4) on ebay.. I also see $100 sets of nozzles on ebay, are these cheap ones...
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    Wheel alignment.. pulling is driving me crazy

    Trying to narrow down a pulling problem with my newly aquired 03 Jetta. I had the alignment done and the front is pretty good, all within spec and pretty close to eachother left to right. The rear is out but i'm not sure if its out enough to warrant adding shims or not. Right rear toe is -0.30...
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    2004 TDI with BEW engine - Hard to start

    I just had quite a day with this car. Came into the shop with a hard to start, sometimes no start condition. In tank fuel pump was inop, so we started by replacing it and this changed nothing. Did a lot of research on the internet and realized that a LOT of people with 04 BEW TDI's have this...