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    Axle twisted off at transmission

    I'm trying to figure out what could cause this: The right axle twisted off in the transmission - 06 TDI, manual. Actually in the transmission, the axle is fine, looks like the outer bearing of the transmission is failed, and the axle twisted off beyond that inside the transmission. I just...
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    noise/rattle at idle - flywheel?

    My 2006 Jetta TDI has started making a loud rattle and vibration at idle. It goes away if I increase the RPMs to 1400 (tansmission in neutral). Also the noise changes if I press the clutch in, but it doesn't go away or get better so much as obviously change. The clutch still holds just fine...
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    Seeking new VW buyer to refer - for guitar bonus

    I just got in the mail a coupon for two VW (first act) guitars - one for me, and one for a the new buyer I refer. All my friends are too poor to buy a brand new car, so I'm looking for someone who is already going to buy a VW to help me redeem it. I assume many other VW owners have got (or...