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    ALH Injectors $125 shipped

    SOLD SHOULD be from a 2003 manual with ~30k miles. I had several sets and this was the nicest one that I was hanging on to for myself but alas, the car is gone.
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    Metalnerd Tools

    PENDING $180 - Timing belt tools **found previously misplaced 5mm stubby driver** - set is complete $5 shipped - Water pump removal screws that dont appear to be in the kit on their website. I think these were previously offered by dieselgeek. Free to good home (you pay for shipping) -...
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    Rosstech Vagcom Cable - $100

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    Garage cleanout

    ** if it's still listed, I still have it** PENDING ALH injectors. Either from an automatic 2002 jetta with 114k miles on them or a donor with manual transmission and ~30k miles on them. Not much to go on but either way you're getting the injector bodies with the clip and they're in good...
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    VNT15 core

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    Key blanks

    Got several key blanks if anyone needs them. $5 shipped.
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    ALH head ~90k when removed

    This is the head from my car. I purchased another one here and didnt require a core so I kept it and had it cleaned up and the valves and seals replaced. It has a brand new camshaft and lifters in it as well and comes with the valve cover. I dunno what these things are going for right now...
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    Stumped, now what?!?! (Turbo)

    Reference: So I replaced my turbo with a new VNT17 from and started the car up last night... poof... the reminents of what's left in my cat/exhaust It sounds okay idling... so after letting it sit in idle for a bit, i give a...
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    Need Help - white smoke and no oil

    I posted in the Maintenance section - Need some help so Im reposting here. I turned the corner merging from one highway to another, accelerated and heard a chirp in the tires and all of a sudden there's this crazy white smoke coming out of...
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    Crazy white smoke

    I turned the corner and heard a chirp in the tires and all of a sudden there's this crazy white smoke coming out of the rear of the car. I check the oil at every fillup and topped it off only 300 miles ago - it's now empty. Im guessing the turbo is gone at this point but was this caused by the...
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    Overheating at idle

    I wasnt in the car... the girlfriend was driving it again. Last time she drove the other TDI, it refused to start. This time she took #2 to the shop to get a safety inspection and let it sit at idle.... it started to overheat. SHES CURSED. Okay, so on to something more productive. It has...
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    3 Glow plug faults, bad harness?

    Sooo... I finally got the car back together and it actually started and ran around the block WOOHOO!!! Thats the good news... now the bad news... I was so excited about getting the car out of the garage that I ran over my plastic timing belt cover.:o While the car was running I got 2...
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    Cylinder Head out... where to begin?

    Okay... so a few months ago, we stopped at Sears and my car wouldnt start. We had it towed back to the house and I started tearing it up. I *think* the belt had skipped.. either way, by the time i got everything appart, i found that the belt was missing quite a few teeth around the crankshaft...
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    Need my head examined

    Okay... so I bought a used head... supposed to be in good condition but of course, I wouldnt know that for sure unless I post here and ask cuz I dont know what is normal and what's completely jacked up. SOoooo.... Here are the pics. The old head: The new head: Here's what bothers...
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    2000 Jetta $9k

    Not my car.
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    Quart low after 300 miles?

    K, obviously, this cant be right. I thought there might be a mileage problem... still not thru the first tank yet (only 300 miles into it). Thought i'd take a look at the dipstick and it looks like the car's already gone thru an entire quart of oil. For a list of what recent maintenance has...
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    WTB: PP520 injectors or just the nozzles

    I'd prefer to get these used... not in any hurry so I'm just putting this out there to see if anyone's got some they want to get rid of for a little extra cash.
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    Mileage problem?

    Hi, I have a 99.5 Jetta 5 sp that was reported to get 40/50mpg but I never got to confirm this. I trust the guy that I bought the car from so that's not the concern, I just didnt want to state for a fact that I had seen this mileage. After getting the car: TB and associated rollers and water...
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    BUG Flew into cylinder head!

    I had the valve cover off while working on the car tonight and a lightning bug flew into the cylinder head and crawled into one of the holes. Now what? Do I have to pull the head and get it out or can I just forget about it?