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    303 Aerospace Protectant

    Has anyone used this product before?:confused: I just sprayed the tires on my Golf. I'll be curious to see if the tread life really gets extended if I apply this stuff every 3 months.
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    2015 & 2016 TDIs for sale at dealerships

    Any comments about the various TDIs popping up for sale at dealerships? The VW diesel-gate scandal has tainted their reputation. Nevertheless, I've been seeing several priced $15K on up, which are sometimes $2K+ under bluebook value with less than 50K miles. :cool: Any caveat emptor specific to...
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    Volkswagen Group to heavily invest in innovation and technology Volkswagen Group will invest a total of US$113.8 billion in its automotive division over the coming five years, with more than two-thirds of the total investment amount to flow into increasingly efficient vehicles, drives and...
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    Oil from oranges?

    A friend of mine from Greece says that he can gather several tons of oranges fallen from trees. Can the oil from the oranges' skins somehow be extracted and then used to make biodiesel? What would the procedure be? How could he find out how to do this?
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    Gooey mess w/ biodiesel

    Making a routine batch of biodiesel, the WVO titrated @ about 6. Mixed the KOH & methanol into the heated WVO. Drained the glycerine. Washed with about 15 gallons of water. Drained all but about 3 gallons off. The remaining 3 gallons were just sloppy goop.:eek: I decided to just put in the...
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    Monster Diesel?

    Anyone ever tried this product?
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    New process for making biofuel

    Has anyone heard of this company before? Their website doesn't seem to disclose exactly how they make the biofuel other than saying that the plant oil gets "blended". No glycerine byproduct.
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    Biodiesel in home furnace?

    Anyone experienced using biodiesel in their home furnace? :confused: My understanding is that not only can it be done, but you don't have to wash the biodiesel beforehand as with using it for your car. I'd be curious to hear people's comments. Any caveats? I've also been advised to add a...
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    99 Mercedes fuel line ruined by biodiesel?

    My mother used B50 in her diesel mercedes for about 2 and a half years until a couple weeks ago when the fuel line sprung a leak. The dealership charged her top dollar to replace it. They didn't know she had been using biodiesel, so they just said that the parts sometimes wear out after 10...
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    Just mix gas w/ veggie oil?

    I came across this article today of someone who claims to mix 1 gal of gas with 4 gal. of veggie oil to run the car. Can it really be this easy? Maybe I've been wasting my time going through the hassle of making biodiesel using methanol +...
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    Methanol recovery equipment?

    Does anyone recover the methanol from the glycerine? What set up do you use? I just recently bought the soap guide They offer downloadable plans for a methanol recovery system. Has anyone tried to build it or...
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    Buying bulkoil?

    Has anyone considered buying oil in bulk (i.e. a couple thousand gallons) for either making biodiesel or powering a veggie car? Here's a great thread for finding suppliers: Probably a coop could do something with this.
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    Should water pump be replaced w/each TB change?

    Should the water pump be replaced with every timing belt change? I bought my Jetta '97 TDI a couple of years ago. Following people's warnings, I had the timing belt changed right away at about 90K miles. Although some people advised to have the water pump changed too, my mechanic (also on...
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    If the catalytic converter gets stolen...

    In Maryland, there's a crime epidemic of theives going after the catalytic converter on parked cars. A few questions pop up... Is it mandatory (ie. by law) to get a new one installed? If yes, how quickly (ie. 1 month, 9 mos.)? I guess a police report should be kept on file. What problems...
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    Microlon engine treatment?

    Can anyone testify about the microlon engine treatment?
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    Experience w/ ???

    Anyone have experience with this technical gizmo? I did a search on this forum for "hydranox", but didn't find anything. It looks like another case of snake oil, but there's always a chance that something like this actually works. Any thoughts?
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    Find your pres. candidate

    How do all of you biodiesel advocates think politically? This is amazing. Not a joke, though some candidates may wish it were. In the data base a list of questions have had the answers from all the candidates recorded, then your answers are tabulated and the candidate with the statements...
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    Encourage MD Chemical Co. to sell KOH

    If you live in or near Maryland, contact the Maryland Chemical Co. to encourage them to start selling KOH in the dry form. If enough of us hassle them, they'll probably offer it for sale much cheaper than or the other place. Maryland Chemical Company, Inc. 1551 Russell St...
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    Can the red dye be washed out?

    I've heard that it's now state law in Maryland that all kerosene for off road use must have the red dye in it when it's sold. Here's the question: can the red dye be washed away in the same way I wash the biodiesel by squirting water into it through a mister nozzle?
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    home biodiesel brewers in Europe?

    Does anyone in Europe make their own biodiesel? Care to share where you get your methanol and potassium hydroxide?