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    ALH Constant Limp Mode 4 Fault Codes

    I'm looking for some advice on the issues I'm having with my car right now. Was driving away from a light and at about 50kmh the car just fell on its face, the car was running really rough and had 4 codes when I checked the car when I got home: 16629: N75 Short to Ground 16486: MAF signal too...
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    Side Curtain Airbags (Retrofit Possible?)

    We just picked up an 02 Jetta wo/ Side Curtain Airbags. My 03 has them and I'm wondering if it is possible to add a set to the 02 or if the 02s don't have the applicable wiring? Just asking because they do bring a little piece of mind.
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    09a Transmission Issues

    My girlfriends car w/ the 09a trans is not going into 4th or 5th when warm or cold. It'll go into third when warm but slip when the rpms are below 3500. When the trans is really cold it won't go into any forward gears, only reverse. Does anyone know what this is symptoms of? I will rebuild this...
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    Progressively developing noise from Engine

    I have a 2003 ALH with 390k km on it. A few days ago I started hearing a whirring when the rpms where up. The sound is in sync with rpms so I don't think it's the turbo, it's gotten progressively louder and more pronounced over the past few days. It kinda sounds like it's in the area of the...
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    Trouble diagnosising front driveline noise

    I have been chasing a intermittent grinding/knocking noise for the past 2 months. I made a 1500km round trip last week and the grinding and knocking got really bad. It all started after I replaced the passenger side steering knuckle because of a bad wheel bearing. I over tightened the axle nut...
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    Less power under full throttle than at 3/4th throttle

    I just switched to an 11mm pump and I'm suddenly realizing I have more power at 3/4ths throttle than full. I have my timing set "In spec but advanced" so I don't think that's a problem and IQ is set at 3.5. Anyone have any ideas? It doesn't seem to change no matter the conditions.
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    Strange Metallic Rubbing from Front Passenger Side

    I had a warped rotor that was causing a shake on and off the brake, there was also a metal on metal rubbing. I replaced the rotor only and put everything back together. The shake is gone but the metallic rubbing is still there. I've lubed the caliper bolts, checked clearance between the abs...
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    11mm Pump on stock manual

    Oh my, this engine just came to life with this. I got an 11mm pump for $50 from a low km 03 and swapped it this morning. I set the IQ using the hammer mod and took it for a test drive.. I thought I probably wouldn't notice much of a difference but, yep, sooooo much better.
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    Are these headlights just absolutely garbage? Do I need to get them adjusted? New bulbs? I just find them terrible. I've had two mk4 Jettas and just can't seem to get them to work decent.
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    EGR Question

    How does the ALH ECU determine insufficient EGR flow?If I block off the exhaust gasses from the Cooler/Valve but leave everything else together, will it still throw the Insufficient EGR Flow code?
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    Performance mods and the stock Clutch

    So next month I will be doing 502 Injector Nozzles, 11mm pump and a tune, I plan on going with a tune from Malone. My concern is the stock clutch. The PO had a new clutch, flywheel, and trans put in last year. What is the stock clutch rated for torque? How much work is it the change the...
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    Broken Injector Fuel Return Nipple

    NY cylinder 2 injector decided it didn't want to come out of my old head and caused a bit of grief trying to get it out. Well I got it out but I broke off one of the fuel return nipples. It's on the left side of the injector so I can put it in cylinder 1 but how would I go about blocking that...
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    Died while driving, now will crank but no start.

    I was going about 30kmh and I heard a clunk and lost throttle response, 5 seconds later the engine died out. I pulled over to the side of the road, it cranked slow for 2 seconds then cranked normally. Every time I try to crank it, it will start off cranking slow but will turn up to 400 rpm after...
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    ALH - Ran out of fuel, can I prime injection pump without vacuum?

    I made a stupid and ran it out of fuel, I put fuel in and attempted to start with cranking to no success. I don't have a vacuum pump and have no way of getting one. How can I prime the system without a vacuum pump?