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    Calling Malone

    Due to a timing belt failure (long story and i feel like a victem) my aswome pd tdi kicked the can. I have since given it away to a relative that bought a younger pd block and performed a swap. Now my upgraded turbo and clutch went back in but im wondering on his behalf about this... My car...
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    Never sold 0 milage dealership 2016 tdi's. Anybody trying to buy one?

    There are a few never sold tdi's sitting in quarantine. Is anybody trying to buy one? What are your respective dealerships saying in regards to models and trims and prices? The purpose of this thread is to help members establish a base of knowledge in order to negotiate the most reasonable and...
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    Tuning for gen 3. Question for tuners.

    Im planning to get an a7 tdi. Once the fix is completed will it be long before a guy can have his ecu cloned/tuned and swappable to back to factory settings for servicing? 2016 a7 tdi by the way
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    Whats my car worth?

    2004 jetta tdi sport. Stage two tune. Upgraded clutch and turbo 12,000 miles on them). Bilstein shocks. Newer breaks New timing belt. No rust great shape. 5sp. Pirelli winter and summer tires with lots of tread... Thats the good news. The bad news... 300,000 miles on it. Dropped a valve. Im...
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    Should i rebuild? 04 jetta

    So last year after (after proper break in procedure i drove it like i stole it) 300,000 miles. 90% of which was tuned... it looks like i dropped a valve. I put it in my garage promising to fix it one day... bought a 335d a few weeks later. But now im looking back at my jetta. It has a new...
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    Looking to buy a 2016 a7 quattro tdi

    After a chat with one of the owners if a local dealership i learned that his dealership has four or more quarentined audi a7 tdi's with zero miles on them. They have sat for a year and they may be sold in due time. Now the guy says wiring anf fuses and batteries and tyres and breaks are all...
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    Audt a7 3.0 tdi quattro

    Audi a7 3.0 tdi Quattro Im going to look at a few today. Apparently they may bE brought out of quarantine and sold to the public. If the price is right. Stay tuned as around noon time today i will be chatting with the owner of a dealership. The guy has four 2016 models.
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    help with diagnosis

    after a 1000 km drive up north i parked for the night. never had a problem before. the next morning -20c i started up and the second the enjine caught it let out a muffled buzzing noise. about a second long. fuel pump going bad? injector pump? it makes that noise on cold starts regularaly...
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    new bmw x1 to come with a diesel?

    can this finally be? a standard all wheel drive diesel cor north america? sign me up!
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    misfire on startup

    this was the first time today. i have an 04 jetta. tuning box is the only mod i ever got. currently at 200 000 kms. i started it warm after stopping at a store and it was felt through the car when it happened. startup has been getting a little rough the last few months and im wondering whats...
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    na pd power mods

    i've got my 04 pd tdi. so far all i've got is a dieselpower tuning box in it. runs well. no problems. im intrested in some more power mods if there are any available. can i get a few reliable suggestions? i havn't been here for a while as i have been working a lot. help me out ppl. thanks...
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    bass at 2500 rpm

    04 tdi. 158 k. tuning box installed. it started after a 1200 km ride to vancouver. the motor gets loud right around 2500 rpm. then curiously goes away for a time. its been doing this for a month now. im hoping its a burnt out manifold and not a motor. has anybody got a clue? im too busy...
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    loose ignition?

    i had my baby broken into when i was in europe. it was the standard screwdriver in the door bypassing the alarm deal. plug and cap installed and problem solved. untill now. i noticed that my key fob fits kinda loosly in the ignition. though i see no apparent damage i wonder if the crackhead...
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    in tank fuel pump died

    message to all 04 pd owners. minus 20 C. around minus 10 F. i had just driven from southern california to northern alberta. im glad this happened in edmonton. here goes. started the car in the morning. i had an appointment at midday for a lube job. i drove about 3 blocks when my car just...
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    air bag code? help

    had some old crone rear end my car. enough to leave a scratch. so i had my bumper painted. i believe that the shop tested the sensors under my bumper for damage. got the car back yesterday and whenever i start it and drive it after 30 seconds or so i get a beep and my glowplug, e-brake and...
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    2% bio requirement for canadian diesel? December 20, 2006 - 9:24 am SASKATOON (CP) - The federal government has announced a $345-million investment to promote bioproducts research and development. Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl and Environment Minister Rona...
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    higher milage pd switching to bio

    whats the best way to go about this? im at about 72 000 miles all d2 driven and im thinking to switch to bio. is there anything that i should watch out for? any minor problems that could arrise?
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    air passing on acceleration

    somewhere in midrange on acceleration. between 2 and 3500 rpm, i get a whooshing passage of air. only for a few seconds. under heavy acceleration after the initial whoosh i can still hear passing air very quietly. i have been told this was a boost pipe problem. but it feels tightly fitted...
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    ulsd in canada

    are there any fuel stations in canada (specifically in the greater vanvouver area) that offers ulsd? my car just loves it.
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    Sun Fuel

    just came back from germany. i went to a game. anyways my trip involved a visit to the wolfburg factory where at a pavillion i saw a section where a robot was planting a genetically modified plant that is supposed to be a fuel of the future. it was explained to me that this plant would be used...