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    First Blackstone Report - High Aluminum

    Oil doesn't flow thru a DPF, so that rules that out. As for making the 10K interval, that has been my plan, I just pulled sample at 8K for giggles.
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    First Blackstone Report - High Aluminum

    Background: 2014 Car purchased from D-Gate 28,000 miles on the odometer Oil was to have been changed @ VW when I purchased I had one oil change completed at 20k, so 8k miles on the oil sent to BS. They are stating aluminum is pretty high. Anyone else sample their low mileage TDI and have...
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    Snow Tires, what's your choice ?

    My new Cooper tires arrived this morning. Plan to wait closer to the end of next month before I install them.
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    The Vanity Plate Thread

    After applying in April 2020 for the vanity plate for the Passat, it finally arrived this week. E4 is one of my nicknames...
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    Review of low beam LED upgrade - LasFit H7 G2 Pro Series

    Thanks for the review. I am going to give them a try.
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    2014 Passat tdi pros and cons ?

    In April 2020 I purchased a CPO with 21k miles on it. I bought it because of it being a TDI and the great extended warranty from VW. I don't drive crazy miles everyday to work, but liked the TDI because it was just a little bit different than everyone else. I get my kicks to see how many...
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    Post your fuel fill-up data at

    Thank you !
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    WTB | 18" wheels - 2014 Passat

    Looking to purchase 4 18" wheels for my 2014 Passat.
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    New to PA

    I'm in Mechanicsburg
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    Post your fuel fill-up data at

    What are my blind eyes missing? I can't seem to find the badge or link to post my data?
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    Snow Tires, what's your choice ?

    I have a friend that works at a shop and can get me these for around $130 each...
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    Snow Tires, what's your choice ?

    I live in Central PA and normally we average about 30 - 40 inches of snow per winter. Last year was an off year and only received 5 inches! This will be my first winter with the TDI Passat and I am considering a second set of rims and snow tires. What have others ran on their VW and been...
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    Not much heat

    UPDATE: Dropped the car at the dealer the evening before the appointment. The next morning I received a text with a video link from the tech assigned to the car. The video showed the the heater core needing replaced and they stated the cause was due to left over / residual debris left in the...
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    Not much heat

    Thanks - dealer appointment scheduled for next week.
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    Not much heat

    2014 Passat w/ 26k miles, first chilly morning today in Central PA (41 degrees) and the car got up to 190 degrees, but I had very little warmth coming from the driver side vents and nothing from the passenger side. I tried changing the air flow designations, but it did not change anything...
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    Side Skirt/Rear Valance Painting? Suggestions?

    Isn't there a MAACO near you? Ask for a cash deal. I just purchased a CPO Passat that has dent on the side. Went to three body shops with prices from $800 - $2400 to repair. Ended up going with one that offered a deal for cash money. Here in PA we had no winter, and the current COVID 19...
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    So... How does the Auto Polar work in the NMS Passat?

    Where does one purchase these from?
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    '14 DSG Service ?

    Recently purchased a 2014 with 21K on the odometer. VW dealer performed oil and fuel filter change before selling to me. My question about the DSG service... According to CarFax it appears the car was idle from 6/17 until my dealer purchased in January 2020. With only 21K miles should I hold...
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    Not part of the settlement

    Thanks for the info. Using all Upper Case letters did the trick on the website. I also called the selling dealer this afternoon. He looked up the last 8 digits of the vin and confirmed it was completed in January 2020. He said sometimes the stickers come off when the detail guys are...
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    Not part of the settlement

    Yes, just purchased Friday night from a VW dealer. There was a brochure in the glove box from VW giving information about the repair procedure, warranty period, etc. According to the brochure the car would have had the ecm addressed. I assumed there would be some sort of sticker placed on...