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  1. hutchman

    FS 2006 Beetle convertible in Forest/Lynchburg, Virginia

    FS 2006 Beetle convertible (5K mikes!) in Forest/Lynchburg, Virginia This isn't at TDI but I thought there might be someone here that might be interested or know somone that would be .... my colleague at work is trying to sell his Mom's super low mileage (like under 5k miles!) 2006 convertible...
  2. hutchman

    Walmart to quit selling big bottles of PowerService!

    I was just at my local Walmart and noticed the big bottles (treats 250 gallons) had a red sticker and was marked down to $9.00! A employee walked by and I asked them if the red sticker meant they were going to quit selling it to which he replied "Yep!". Looks like they will still carry the...
  3. hutchman

    Anyone know how to prime IP on BRM?

    After a week of good progress (TB change, rear rotor and pad replacement etc.) I decided to do the diesel purge thing. Half way through the can bubbles started to appear in the little clear filter I was using and the engine started to jump so I turned it off and now I can't get it started...
  4. hutchman

    Strange turbo problems on way to work this morning. How to trouble shoot?

    On the way to work this morning, my 2002 MK-Iv(A4) was acting strange. I noticed that the boot was way high even though I wasn't romping on it. Then I felt a slight surge and the boost dropped to next to nothing ... maybe 5-6 psi tops ... and not much power. Could it be my actuator or vanes...
  5. hutchman

    The secret of the A5/MkV trunk release that does not close when cold

    Tonight I fixed the trunk which probably still will not get me any points with my wife ;). I've heard of others replacing their latch or having the dealer do it under warranty. We have almost 80k so no warranty. I'm not quite convinced the latch was the problem. I compared the new one to the...
  6. hutchman

    Replacing suspension on A4, need replacement bolt part numbers or a kit

    Getting ready to replace suspension on my 02 Jetta and need the replacement part numbers of all the "use once" TTY bolts and nuts that I'll encounter. I have been searching the forums but haven't found anything like this. If anyone sells a kit that would be good to know too. I'm replacing all...
  7. hutchman

    Can VAG-COM tell me if I'm getting enough fuel?

    Been looking around here trying to figure out if there is a way to log fuel requested/needed vs actual fuel delivered. With all the talk of 10mm, 11mm pumps, chipping, being starved for fuel ... I'd like to be able to do some logs to know if I suffer from fuel starvation and to what extent...
  8. hutchman

    Group buy on turbos

    Group buy on turbos ... for extreme RC tuning! Peter is looking to do a group buy on these and Jeff is coming out with RC 5000 and just needs to tweak the actuator adjustment ....
  9. hutchman

    Intake clogging in 10k Miles using BioD & 507.00

    Check out the post I made in my thread where I'm rebuilding my ALH motor Towards the end I have picts of the intake and EGR posted (here which were cleaned when I got the car 10k...
  10. hutchman

    TB change now no start!!!

    [update] This is a thread I started when I finished my fist TB and the car started while I had the valve cover off doing open heart surgery and ran until I yelled for my wife to kill it when oil started coming up in the valve area. I was happy and put it back together and failed to pay...
  11. hutchman

    Boost Spikes - analog or digital gauge/pros & cons???

    I guess I should have called this mechanical vs digital! I've been searching these forums trying to educate myself on boots gauges, boost valves etc. I'm leaning toward getting the in dash DIY digital LED boost gauge that goes in the dash around the tach that ShokWaveRider (IMP) has. From...
  12. hutchman

    06 ABS coding. No suspension

    Was looking at my ABS coding in VAG-COM. Doesn't look like there is a coding for suspension ... like it was left out. Anyone else observed this? My coding is 21122 for a 06 pkg 1 TDI.
  13. hutchman

    Honda Accord 2.2 i-CTDi Sport hits 92 MPG

    Anyone seen this:
  14. hutchman

    Using VAG-COM to make sure A4 I just picked up is running right

    I posted some of this information in the General Maint. thread since it half deals with a intake cleaning I did on a A4 I just picked up: You can see VAG-COM logs of the MAF & Turbo both before and after the intake cleaning. On WOT, I'm having...
  15. hutchman

    Intake cleaning debrief on my new to me A4 (3 500K picts.)

    Picked up a 02 Jetta GLS TDI about two weeks ago. Bottom line up front .... I cleaned the intake. Is this thing running right??? Read on. Here are some shots of the intake. Car has 69k miles. Previous owner used Shell Rotella T. Car was driven mostly highway miles. I don't think it was ever...
  16. hutchman

    Power Steering Fluid G 002 012 vs G 002 000

    I went by my dealership to pick up a filter and remembered that I needed some PS fluid (but didn't know the part number) so I just asked and they sold me a 12 oz. bottle of G 002 012. I got home and checked my Bentley Service manual and it says to only use G 002 000 so I searched all over this...
  17. hutchman

    WTB A4 Timing Belt Took Kit

    ... does someone have a tool kit for A4 timing belt change they don't need anymore? Thought I'd try to by what I need this way first rather than get a new kit. Thanks!
  18. hutchman

    My very first Oil Analysis on 2006 Jetta TDI

    Don't know if you all follow the Oil Analysis Thread started by SUNRG but it is good information. I just received the results of my very first OA and I posted it in the OA thread here. Enjoy!
  19. hutchman

    06 Jetta CCV Mod with parts from TSC

    Preparing to do the CCV mod on my 06 Jetta with the parts from my local Tractor Supply Company. I'll post pictures of the parts first. Bigger, higher res. pictures of all parts below are available in my gallery as well. It's called a 3/4" Polystrainer and is pictured here: Here are all the...
  20. hutchman

    WTB Used Jetta. Should I get 01, 02, or 03?

    Hi, I have a 06 Jetta TDI and am looking for a used Jetta TDI (or Golf but there are more Jetta's for sale). I've found some 2001s, 2002s, 2003s, and was just wondering if there is "sweet spot" in the model years regarding the least amount of problems, best fuel economy, best goodies etc...