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  1. mycruiseagent

    FS: CAT 2 Micron Fuel Filter

    Have one of these left over. $15 shipped in the US.
  2. mycruiseagent

    FS: MK4 GLI rear valance - OE new in plastic

    ***SOLD*** Brand new in VW primer gray still in the wrapper. $200 shipped in the continental US.
  3. mycruiseagent

    A few items for a MK4

    Clearing out the garage and found a few odds and ends. Neuspeed strut tower bar - no hardware - SOLD ALH valve cover - good used condition - no cracks or holes - $50 shipped. Motor mount part that attaches to the engine - $25 shipped. GLI rear valance - brand new in plastic - primer gray...
  4. mycruiseagent

    02 Jetta Gives Her All

    I have some sad news to report, mixed with the good news that no one was hurt. Sunday afternoon I was driving my 02 Jetta GL on I-20 in a light rain traveling from Myrtle Beach to Birmingham to go to a conference when I passed over a pavement transition from asphalt to concrete that happened to...
  5. mycruiseagent

    Trans 5th gear ETKA help

    Hey all, I have an 02 Jetta that I did the .681 gear swap on way back in 2006. Just recently it started acting like a syncro was going. Well, it turns out that's not what it was. The bolt in the center of the larger gear has backed itself out and wore through the trans end cover. As a...
  6. mycruiseagent

    A4 steelies (2002)

    They are in coastal SC and have a worn out set of Hakka Q's on them. Not pretty but they work. Anyone want them? Make me an offer. MCA
  7. mycruiseagent

    A4 Clutch Pedal did not return

    My wife is driving my 2002 Jetta with a 5 speed these days because she's doing a lot more miles than I am. She was in a parking lot yesterday and tells me she started having difficulty shifting, then when she pressed the clutch pedal it went to the floor and did not return. That's when I got a...
  8. mycruiseagent

    Anyone in central CT to check out a Chevy on Ebay?

    It's a 97 Suburban Diesel. So someone with some mechanical skills and knowledge of these beasts would be appreciated. We are coming up next week to visit my parents and that would make a good time to pick something like this up and retire the tired 4.3L Astro van ... if this Suburban is in...
  9. mycruiseagent

    Rotella T Synth at Sam's Club

    Saw this the other day at the Sam's here in MB and picked up a case. 3x1 gal for $27 and change. (misplaced the receipt so I don't recall the pennies) Sorry if it has been posted - it wasn't on the first page. MCA
  10. mycruiseagent

    FS:Nearly New Nokian WR G2's w/ wheels - in CT

    205-55-16's on New Beetle Alloys (Monte Carlo's) - only 3000 miles. Tires mounted were $635 - my price includes the wheels. Moving south and don't want to tear up these premier all-season/snow tires in the heat. Also have two spare NB alloys I'll throw in for a total package price of $650...
  11. mycruiseagent

    New EGT gauge offering

    Wouldn't it be nice if they made a small EGT pyrometer that you could mount directly on your dash so you wouldn't have to cut a hole in it or mount a big gauge pod? And why not build in an easy to use adjustable visual and audible alarm to warn you that your EGTs were getting in the dangerously...
  12. mycruiseagent

    Smart Safety Results Announced

    I got an email from Smart (I signed up to receive their email announcements a while ago). They released the results of crash tests along with the following email text. My summary: I wouldn't let my dog ride in a Smart. Results here for 2008. and here for 2009. (edit to fix the 2008 link and...
  13. mycruiseagent

    FS: Intercooler from '02 ALH

    $100 shipped or best offer. One MAP sensor screw sheared while removing. No other mechanical problems - just replaced with large aftermarket SMIC. MCA
  14. mycruiseagent

    FS: Fuel injectors - stock 5sp

    ***sold*** Mca
  15. mycruiseagent

    FS: Injection pump (10mm) 120k miles

    ***SOLD*** MCA
  16. mycruiseagent

    Parting 2002 5sp ALH engine - tensioner failure

    Not mine! :eek: A friend ruined this engine when his tensioner failed. Had approx 120k miles. ***PICS ADDED BELOW*** I may hang on to some of the parts for spares as this is the same as my engine - but go ahead and make offers on parts - you may very well be able to pry them out of my...
  17. mycruiseagent

    FS: 1st gen. Shine SRS Rear Springs

    These are the shorter Shine SRS springs - 200lb (edited to correct spring rate). Much of the Shine blue paint is gone but they still work well. We are using this car a lot more for hauling the kids due to gas prices - so OEM springs went back in the car to smooth out the ride. Make an...
  18. mycruiseagent

    FS: (2) NB Alloys - one w/ good rubber

    These have been sitting in my carport getting dirty from exposure. Other than that they are in decent shape. The one with the Continental has almost new rubber - the one with the Yoko AVS will need new rubber. Located in N'East CT (Andover). Make an offer. MCA
  19. mycruiseagent

    FS: Used Hakka Q's on 15" Steelies

    These R Gone