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  1. scurvy

    Help! Timing Belt Replacement Out 180 Degrees

    The only real area for concern is that the belt can move the crank and cam toward each other in timing when doing up the tensioner. Make sure you're slipping the belt on in the preferred order so they don't move when you tension it the proper way. Also, there's a fool's hole at 12 o'clock on...
  2. scurvy

    FYI - Dipstick tube replacement - easy

    It will stay in the pan indefinitely. Here's my pan that I dropped to do a rear main seal. You can see the bits.
  3. scurvy

    04 BEW Auto oil pan removal

    Hahaha, no worries. I lost the applicator nozzle what came with the tube after my first oil pan replacement (basketball sized chunk of concrete) so I wasn't able to control the bead to my liking while doing my rear main seal / clutch. At least it was fairly even in size and I let it skin over...
  4. scurvy

    04 BEW Auto oil pan removal

    Weird, didn't know there was a gasket available. I used Victor Reinz Reinzosil RTV in a tube.
  5. P10101402


    Oil pan sealant
  6. scurvy

    04 BEW Auto oil pan removal

    If the small bolts were all put in, how would they have had problems? The holes in the oil pan are just clearance holes for the larger HHCS.
  7. scurvy

    04 BEW Auto oil pan removal

    They are the same. Oh right, the 3 horizontal bolts, big ones. Those OEM fasteners are hex head cap screws, 16mm head. No telling what else is going on in there if those have been swapped for Torx.
  8. scurvy

    04 BEW Auto oil pan removal

    All 4-cylinder non-AHU/1Z take the same oil pan and bolt. The bolt is really clever as it has an external 10mm hex and an internal 5mm hex so you can use either a short 10mm six-point socket on a wobble or a ball-end 5mm hex bit.
  9. scurvy

    ALH High Idle Switch For Rapid Warmup

    I got one that ain't doing much these days. Let's talk.
  10. scurvy

    ALH High Idle Switch For Rapid Warmup

    I'm interested if it works for the BEW as well.
  11. scurvy

    Driver side engine mount to tranny bracket stripped

    All that is also true for the first insert. And the SPI tap. And the drill bit. Installing a second helicoil into the same hole is just as easy as one. Please explain how this is not 100% taken care of by the threads from the SPI tap.
  12. scurvy

    Driver side engine mount to tranny bracket stripped

    How is it difficult? Helicoils follow the thread cut by the SPI tap. Stack in as many as you want, they will stay in the correct alignment by the external thread. Just make sure you break off the tang before putting in the next one.
  13. scurvy

    Better way to prime v.e. injection pump

    I get what you're doing here, but I also haven't had a problem with my hand Mity Vac pulling vacuum on the return port to prime a VE pump in the past. It's not instant by any stretch of the imagination, but it works. A couple minutes with occasional pumping to keep vacuum up and it's good to go.
  14. scurvy

    Temporary relief to door switch issue? for those at home wanting info on the magnetic door switch.
  15. scurvy

    How to replace your MkIV's front wheel bearings

    Make a YouTube video and show us how it's done!
  16. scurvy

    How to replace your MkIV's front wheel bearings

    First, rule out the simple stuff. Swap tires L/R then F/B and see if the noise goes away, gets better or gets worse. If you spray paint where the ball joints attach to the LCA, you'll get it super close when putting it back together. I would rather do that than mess with the tie rod ends...
  17. scurvy

    Looking for DPF cleaner

    I'm guessing (having just returned from Ensenada last week) that he is stuck using 500 ppm Sulfur diesel and wants to be as nice to the DPF as possible.
  18. scurvy

    Gentle reminder: Clean behind your fender liners!

    I'm not sorry - thanks for the part numbers!
  19. scurvy

    Quality Pre-painted fenders?

    I'm almost to this point myself. Whose fenders have you been looking at, 300D? Right now I'm considering going with preprimed fenders and painting myself with Monstaliner in "Outbreak" - a very close match to Indigo Blue. Also would paint the hood at the same time. It's aftermarket and even...