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  1. Whitbread

    WPI 2018 Black Friday/cyber monday deal

    Hello folks, a few suggested I make a post so here it is. Coupons are BFATM, BF2018A, BF2018B and will be active Friday at 12:01am until Monday 11:59pm. . Sale includes clutch kits, LSD's, and all kinds of other goodies. Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Whitbread

    CP3 on a '14 done and running

    In a return favor to a very close friend for lending me his tow truck for my shop moving, I am happy to report the operation was a success! The cp4 died with just over 100K on the clock. One injector ended up being stuck open so a new set was installed. A huge thanks to Andrew at 2 Micron for...
  3. Whitbread

    Northern MI June GTG

    Since Marty is retiring from gtg action, it's time to pick up the torch and break in the new shop! Date is June 25th, 9am until people leave or we run out of vw's to work on. An invitation has been extended to Mr. Rocketchip but I have not heard back yet. I have tools for 00-09 tuning through TD...
  4. Whitbread

    My personal 2002 Jetta TDI project car for sale

    I had a local buyer but he apparently isn't very serious as I haven't heard from him in over 2 weeks. I said I never would, but with things lining up as they are, it makes the most logical sense for me right now. The motor and trans are hanging in the bay and the car rolls, but that's it...
  5. Whitbread

    CR TDI parts

    All items in picture for sale. Make offer, anything that's still here next weekend goes to the scrapyard. Exhaust parts have 117K and came off a running and driving vehicle with no codes. Also have a CBEA egr cooler that came off a 12kmi motor that's not pictured. Please email me only, no pm's.
  6. Whitbread

    Reground Colt 2 cam and Passenger DP

    I have some random parts kicking around the shop that customers backed out on. Please email me at -Brand new reground stage 2 Colt cam $250 shipped anywhere. -Used ceramic coated Passenger Downpipe for vnt 15/17 ALH. Looking for $240 shipped. I can supply v band...
  7. Whitbread

    Crafters now available on rock auto

    Ordered quite a few sets of bhw pistons from rock auto, just got the first set of crafters in today since they joined the catalog a little bit ago. These are a bit different (in a good way) than previous crafter pistons I've used for builds. Same bowl, valve relief configuration Oil cooling...
  8. Whitbread

    TDI Endurance Racer

    ALH + 01E = win :)
  9. Whitbread

    B4V TDI fuel tank and lines

    Anyone doing a GLX swap? B4V TDI fuel tank and hard plastic fuel lines. $150 Picked up.
  10. Whitbread

    The beast is home again...for good this time.

    No further words necessary.
  11. Whitbread

    Wrangler CRD spotted

    Driving home from work. Why the hell can't we have these? Notice the M plate, manufacturer vehicle.
  12. Whitbread

    BEW misc stock parts. Need gone!

    Misc BEW parts laying around the shop. TURBO IS SPECTACULARLY BLOWN, actuator is good though. All other parts are in working order. Just need them gone, any reasonable offer taken.
  13. Whitbread

    MK5 tdi 5 spd swap, all parts minus pedal and clutch

    As title says, have a complete 5 spd swap pulled out of a mk5 brm jetta with about 140K on the clock. Trans code is GQQ. Comes with cables, axles, starter, trans, bolts, line and slave, and trans bracket. Was all pulled out to do a 6 speed swap. $900 reasonable?
  14. Whitbread

    B5.5 BSM - Used with all new stretch bolts

    I have a complete used geared BSM unit here with all new oem vw stretch bolts needed for installation. Doing a delete on this motor as it's getting swapped to a 6 spd. Has around 50K on it. Looking to get around $750 shipped. Also have 2 BHW egr coolers, $50 each?
  15. Whitbread

    CR Build for power and mileage in kit car

    I posted a thread in the motorsports section about the two projects I'm going to be involved with at work, but have some specifics that I feel are better addressed here. This is the car engine will be going in Engine will be a 2009 CBEA motor bolted to an...
  16. Whitbread

    4.2L V8 TDI Cadillac LMP and 2.0L CR TDI SL-C

    As many of you know, I work for RCR during the day. The owner was recently approached by a customer/friend/financial backer to build 2 very unique cars that I, and my business, have been asked to be an integral part of. The first will be a Superlite SL-C with a CBEA TDI and audi 01E trans...
  17. Whitbread

    PD ARP2000 studs and ALH 625 studs. Interested?

    I talked with fouckhest today for a bit and with his project and a few others going on at my shop, I talked to ARP about getting a run of 100 studs done in the ARP2000 material for PD's (the stud needed is currently only available in 8740). Anyone who is seriously interested in some arp 2000 PD...
  18. Whitbread

    Whitbread Performance Innovations. Product and service offerings

    This thread will be a complete listing of all products and services I offer. Please watch for updates and announcements. For any questions, please g-mail me. I'll try to keep things here as clean and organized as possible. Thanks! Audi 01E Importing, Rebuilding, and Custom Clutches Due to...
  19. Whitbread

    PD head slice and dice

    Thanks to CharlieT for the damaged head donation
  20. Whitbread

    Let's try this again; PD/CR/VE custom nozzles

    Let me know what you want and lets bring some cool stuff come to market. Can do any size up to somewhere around .025" holes for VE/PD/CR nozzles. Delivery time is 2-6 weeks depending on nozzle. VE Nozzles 5x0.010" $335 (approximately equal to race 520's) 5x0.011" $350 5x0.012" $375 5x0.013"...