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  1. scurvy

    Pictures on tdiclub server missing?

    I've noticed in a few recent threads that the pictures on aren't working correctly. In this post, the picture is just flat-out missing: And here the thumbnail works, but the original picture isn't linked...
  2. scurvy

    So I definitely need a radiator replacement, right?

    Yesterday I came out to a small puddle of coolant under the driver's side of the Golf and the reservoir was down about 2 cm. Topped the reservoir back up (took ~200 ml) and went on to work as usual. After I got home, I pulled the skid plate. It looks like the driver's side tank has separated...
  3. scurvy

    16630 fault / P0246 / No boost / N75 replacement on a 2006 BEW Golf

    As my Golf continues to soldier along now into its second decade, it's starting to show a bit of age. Just this week, while I was loading a two stage 24" snowblower into the back, it decided to change from being a TDI to just a DI. Needless to say, it's not as much fun driving a naturally...
  4. scurvy

    2014 Garage cleanout, south Chicagoland, IL

    Cleaning out the garage for good (this time for real) and the following are available as-is, where-is, no warranty, cash rules everything around me (paypal, amazon payment, whatever else also accepted): Gates T333 timing belt for BEW engine, $20. mk4 Black OEM carpet floormats for a Golf...
  5. scurvy

    WTB: Cummins N14 head bolt

    I'm looking for a Cummins N14 head bolt, p/n 3071161 if anybody has one laying around they wouldn't mind parting with for cheap or free. It's for a project at work where we have a bushing with an obsolete thread: 11/16"-16 TPI. This generation of Cummins head bolts have the same thread. We're...
  6. scurvy

    Scangauge II goes on sale on Amazon tonight

    For anyone wanting a SGII, it appears Amazon will be listing it as a Gold Box deal this evening 2013-01-02 at 17:59 PST / 18:59 MST / 19:59 CST / 20:59 EST (2013-01-03T01:59Z). I have no affiliation other than being a satisfied SGII & Amazon user, but have never ordered the former from the latter.
  7. scurvy

    My experience with Golden Drop(s) fuel additive

    Anybody remember the Golden Drop(s)* thread a while back? Well, I stepped up to the plate and requested a free sample that was being offered. A few PMs and a month later, they showed up. Two 2-ounce HDPE bottles, delicately sealed with electrical tape and packed in a Ziploc bag arrived with...
  8. scurvy

    mk4 parts - garage clean out, sold the NB

    They're gone!
  9. scurvy

    Mityvac 7400 leaking again - and how to fix it

    Had a Mityvac 7400 years ago, it eventually developed the typical leak where it barfs oil out of the vent hole in the t-handle. I put up with it for a year or so and chucked it in the recycling bin. About the time for another oil change, I ordered a replacement from Amazon. Now having done a...
  10. scurvy

    Jetta 1.8T thermostat woes

    (also posted at Vortex as they tend to get more traffic for these sorts of things) I did a Jetta 1.8T timing belt, oil/MTF change & thermostat for a buddy... the belt was quite a bit weirder than what I'm used to with TDIs but that went on without issue after I learned the trick*...
  11. scurvy

    Panzer plate saves another TDI!

    On my way home tonight, I had one of those full-body, back-spasm sneezes that left me temporarily incapacitated for a few seconds. Much to my surprise when I regained the ability to focus, there was a massive, basketball sized chunk of cement dead center in my lane and no way to go around it...
  12. scurvy

    Gentle reminder: Clean behind your fender liners!

    I went to do a brake job on my Golf yesterday only to find out the reason why I got the pad warning was the sensor wire was broken off... looks like at least another 100k km of brake pad left on all four corners and the rotors still measured in spec. So I took the opportunity to flush the brake...
  13. scurvy

    NB coolant leak from upper radiator hose

    My wife's 2000 NB has sprung a slight coolant leak. At first, I thought it was the typical cold weather coolant level drop and it just required a slight top-up. Since then it required several more top-ups and the last straw was the trail of expensive pink water on the garage floor. So I had a...
  14. scurvy

    Can't ignore mods

    There's a moderator who has frankly been a real jerkwad in a couple threads, so I attempted to inact the excellent notch filtering ability given to us on TDIClub - adding him/her/it to my ignore list. But I get a message afterwards what informs me that mods & admins can't be ignored. Why not...
  15. scurvy

    2004 Golf 2.slow BEV rough running, quit, won't restart

    I've got a parallel thread going over on vortex but so far no answers... The car: 2004 Golf GLS 2.0 (BEV) with 01M 4-speed. Belongs to a good buddy of mine. Symptoms: running rough for a few weeks, especially bad on humid days. Finally died about a week ago and had to tow him back home with my...
  16. scurvy

    non-TDI VW Pointer (Gol 3)

    Not entirely rare around here, but an interesting car to spot on my way to work this morning - a 3rd generation VW Gol, sold in Mexico as the Pointer (this one had Nuevo León number plates).
  17. scurvy

    Chicagoland - hope your TDIs were garaged last night!

    10 minutes of Golf-ball sized hail, 50 mph sustained/90 mph gusts and 2" of water this morning in a bucket I left outside... hope y'all had your cars in the car hole if you got some of the crazy storm last night. Amazingly nutty storm to watch through my back storm door. I took some video I...
  18. scurvy

    Front strut bearing brands

    I'm now at about 167k km and my front end is making the familiar creak-creak-POP-creak-creak noise as it did before when my strut bearings were bad at about 100k km. While I don't relish doing this job again I've been thinking about tossing a set of VR6 springs up front along with the 10mm...
  19. scurvy

    Spotted: blue or green B4 sedan, Gary Indiana

    Before anyone whines that this should be in the 'sightings' forum (where posts go to die) this was a sighting in a very specific place and might actually get viewed or answered here. Anyway, it was last Wednesday the 11th and the car in question is a dark green or blue B4 sedan, well taken care...
  20. scurvy

    Groundhog snowcano 2011

    Hope everybody else out there is safe! It's still coming down hard as the morning light breaks to uncover the monochrome horrors of our new Hoth-like existence. Despite closures of I-80, I-94, I-43, I-57 & Lake Shore Drive as well as either declared or de-facto county wide closures of Lake...